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August Monthly Goals

Hi, friends! I made the mistake of watching Steel Magnolias on Netflix last night before going to bed. It was my first time watching it since Liz’s diabetes diagnosis. I bawled my eyes out. Such a sad movie, but made me thankful for all the medical advancements with diabetes today.

Anyways, I’m sharing my monthly goals with you today.

Here is a recap of my July goals:

• Go see Chris’s Gran- Didn’t happen. We just couldn’t make our schedules work out.

Take Madi (my cousin) to the river Done! We had the best time with her. We love our cousin Madi!

Get classroom completely set up and ready I am ready for students! I have a blog post I’m working on now to share my whole classroom with you. I LOVE how it turned out!

• Read 6 books- Only read 3! My classroom kept my occupied.

• Go one day completely unplugged- Had every intention to do this one day and made it until about noon when Liz’s Dexcom alerts started going off and then I had my phone the rest of the day. I’m finding it more challenging since I watch her sugar so closely on my phone, but I have been mindful with the time I spend on my phone!

Take girls back to school shopping for clothes and supplies They are all set and ready to go! I found lots of things at Five Below this year for really cheap!

Relax and enjoy summer break! July was such a low key month for us and I loved it! I will miss the freedom of doing whatever we want, whenever we want!

Now, onto my August goals:

  • Find a dresser for the foster room
  • Order sign for master bedroom
  • Get headboard for master bedroom
  • Make a quiz in Google classroom and successfully embed a video into the quiz
  • Get math department t-shirts made
  • Have friends over for s’mores
  • Have a family fish fry
  • Find a new foundation I love!
  • Turn 34!

Lots of random things I want to accomplish this month!  What are some things you hope to accomplish this month?

Have a great Thursday!


5 thoughts on “August Monthly Goals

  1. You need to check out Senegence. I don’t sell it, but girl, their make up is incredible. Long-lasting & smudge proof. It also has ingredients that clean your skin and doesn’t clog pores. Total gamechanger. I’m going to tag you in some of the Senegence reps I follow! 😍😍

  2. We are birthday month twinkies but I will be 35! August is a good birthday month! I am excited to hear more about your fostering, are you planning on taking another placement again?

    1. It is a great month! When we started going through Chris’s mom’s cancer, and then Liz getting diabetes, we took our name off the call list for fostering because our life was a lot and hectic at the time. We are back on the list now and ready to start taking placements again. We are excited!

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