Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning, friends!  Emily woke up this morning chanting that there is only 1 more day until Halloween!  We are ready for Halloween at our house!

Did you notice some changes to my blog?  I finally bought my domain name and have more options with it.  I have been playing around with themes and fonts and graphics all weekend.  Let me know if you have any input on what you like or dislike with the new layout and design.  I tried to keep it simple and easy to read.

Friday night after school I worked late in my classroom while Elizabeth had Songmakers practice.  Songmakers is a 5th grade choir that she was selected to be apart of.

While she was there, I graded papers and then got all of my college homework done.  I was so thankful to get that out of the way before the weekend!


I picked Elizabeth up from practice and we headed home.

When we got home, I headed straight to Doniphan.  My sister was having a LuluRoe Pop-Up party that I wanted to attend, so I left Chris and the girls at home.  When I’m in Doniphan, I always like to drive down Walnut Street.  I thought the leaves were so pretty as I was driving.  Love my hometown!


I had never been to a LuluRoe party or even tried any of their clothes on.  I found a cute top that I liked and a pair of leggings to match.  The leggings are SO soft and I think I will really like the outfit.  I also won a FREE pair of leggings through a drawing, so I was pumped!  It was a great evening of visiting with family and friends.


While I was at Doniphan, Elizabeth went to a blacklight cheer party at her cheer gym.  She had a great time with a bunch of her friends.  Emily could’ve went even though she doesn’t go to cheer, but she wanted to stay home with her daddy and be lazy.  Usually by Fridays, she is wiped out!


Saturday morning Chris and Elizabeth got up really early to go deer hunting.  It was the beginning of youth season this weekend and the girls were so excited to go with their daddy!  I woke up to see them off, but then went right back to bed.  Chris promised he would take some pictures for me, but then “forgot” so I don’t have any pictures of them hunting that morning.  #bloghusbandfail

Emily and I slept in and then cleaned house ALL day!  It was much needed!

I found this random selfie on my phone of Emily Grace.  She said she was reliving her days when she loved My Little Pony!


That afternoon I met Chris’s parents halfway between Cape and Dexter and switched kids with them.  It was Emily’s turn to go hunting that evening with Chris.  It was her first time to go and she was SO excited!  If anyone knows Emily Grace, they know how excited and bubbly she gets.  It was precious!


An hour into hunting for the FIRST time ever, there was a deer down!  Emily got an 8-pointer!  I’ll never forget her calling me whispering and saying, “mommy, I got one.”  Precious memories!


There are no pictures of her with it and it’s a LONG story!  She shot this deer around 5:30 Saturday evening.  She didn’t get a really good shot on it, but Chris was confident that she killed it.  They waited for about an hour to go out and look for it, because they didn’t want to spook it and wanted to make sure it was good and dead.  Well, they didn’t have any success finding the deer that night.  They searched and searched and searched with no luck.  Emily was crying and so upset and didn’t understand why they couldn’t find the buck.  But when it’s 8:00 at night and pitch dark deep in the woods, it’s hard to track the deer.

BUT, that next morning one of Chris’s friends went out and found it first thing.  It was a nice sized 8-pointer.  However, through the night the coyotes devoured it and it’s whole body was eaten up and pretty disgusting.  Chris made the executive decision to have his friend just saw the head off and take it to the taxidermist to get a skull mount for Emily.  Emily was sad she never got to see the buck again, but will be happy when she has the skull mount of it.


While Emily and Chris were hunting, I got Elizabeth ready for her Halloween party that evening.  She was invited to one of her friend’s neighborhood hayride and bonfire.  Elizabeth and a bunch of her friends all dressed up like 50’s cheerleaders together.  I thought they looked SO cute!  It was cold that evening, so we had to add jackets and leggings and gloves, but they still had a blast!



They practiced their cheer that they were going to do while trick or treating.  {Good thing they practiced, they almost forgot how to spell CATS}  LOL

While Elizabeth was there, I went and got groceries and watched a Hallmark movie.  It was a very peaceful night!

Sunday morning I woke up with PINK EYE!  My eye was matted shut and GROSS!  It was so swollen and red, too.  I have known a few people with pink eye recently but wasn’t ever around them.  I had old eye drops from when Emily had it, so I put some drops in and wore my glasses all morning.  It was a lot better by that afternoon, but still hurt.

We were all lazy that morning and enjoyed talking about deer hunting and Elizabeth’s Halloween party.


I worked on my blog throughout the day and took a nap!

Emily played outside ALL afternoon with our neighbor and Elizabeth and Chris went hunting again that evening.  Elizabeth shot at a doe, but missed it.  Chris said she was shaking SO bad and he thinks the gun wasn’t sighted in exactly either.  She was sad she missed the deer, but I was glad she at least tried to kill one.  She has never had the courage to shoot at one before, so we are making progress!

I’m so thankful Chris takes both of the girls hunting.  He is such a good daddy and they love spending time with him, no matter what they are doing!


Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!  <excuse the swollen eye>  I pray you have a blessed week!



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  1. Yay for her getting her first deer but bummer for here too :). And you no meat :(. I have never been to a Lularoe party but I love a good hallmark movie. Love your new layout – yay! xoxo ERIN

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