What’s Up Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday!  We are already halfway through the week!  WHOO-HOOO!

Today I am linking up with ShayMel, and Sheaffer and sharing with you my monthly What’s Up Wednesday post.  Only 2 more months left this year!  Say what?!?!?!

What I’m reminiscing about….

Halloweens in the past.  I love looking back at Halloween pictures every year!  The girls are growing so fast and are so fun.  I definitely don’t have a say in their costumes anymore and they just go with whatever they want to be.  This year we have a 50’s cheerleader and a cow.  I can’t wait to share pictures of them in their costumes.   <the dates on timehop in these pics are wrong>


What I’m loving…

I’m loving my husband, Chris.  We have been through SO much sadness and hard times lately.  Things that could easily put so much stress on our relationship and cause trouble.  But with me and Chris, it seems like it draws us closer.  He is my best friend and helps me get through anything in life.  Through all our sadness, he still finds ways to make me smile and brightens my day.

IMG 4118

What we’ve been up to..

Not a lot, but it seems like we have been so busy?!?!  The girls finished their volleyball league and Chris is done coaching football, so things have been a lot slower after school.  I am playing in a women’s volleyball league and I absolutely love it!  I haven’t played in about 8 years, so it’s really shown me how out of shape I am.  But it’s fun to get out of the house once a week and go and laugh and have fun with my friends.  We also successfully finished the 1st quarter of the school year!  That is always a crazy time for teachers, so it’s been a whirlwind and I’m glad that’s past us.

What I’m dreading..

What my mother in-law is going to have to endure through her cancer journey.  My heart already hurts for her, but we are trusting God to get us through it and I believe she is going to be just fine on the other end of this journey.

What I’m working on…

Nothing at the moment besides my Master’s class.  I really need to get motivated and start thinking of Christmas gifts for everyone….

What I’m excited about..

I have been blogging for ONE year!  Look at my blog-iversary post here!  It was fun to look back on all our #selfieSundays and all the memories.  This is my favorite #selfieSunday from the past year:


What I’m watching…

This is Us and Grey’s Anatomy.  All of the new episodes have been SO good!

What I’m reading…

Priscilla’s Shirer’s new devotional book, Awaken!  I love all of her Bible studies and books.

IMG 4120


What I’m wearing…

I got so many cute tops from Target this past weekend.  This one is my favorite.  I also have some cute things coming from my favorite online boutique that I am excited to get!

IMG 4115

What I’m doing this weekend..

Friday night my sister is having a LuluRoe Pop-up Party.  I’m not familiar with their clothes, but I hear they have great things!  Saturday is the start of youth season, so Chris is taking both of the girls hunting.  I plan to have the whole house to myself and clean it really, really well!  <lame, but true>  That evening Elizabeth has a costume party and Emily is having a few friends over to paint pumpkins.  Sunday is church and then more hunting I am sure.

What I’m looking forward to next month..

Thanksgiving.  There is so much to be grateful for and I never want to forget to count my blessings.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday?

  1. Love & prayers coming your way. I love how open you all are. I love looking at Halloween pictures from the past years. It’s so fun to see all the kiddos’ personalities and how they change from year to year

  2. Love and prayers are coming your way. I love all your Halloween pictures of the girls. That outfit is super cute too. I am so glad that you and Chris can lean on each other during hard times. How fun that you are playing volleyball! Happy Wednesday friend!

  3. Yay for your blogiversary. You have had so much this year and I continue to pray for your mom-in-law! Yearly milestone photos just kill me, time is flying by! I love that new Target top you got, so cute on you! xoxo ERIN

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