Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!

What a beautiful day!

This weekend was a pretty low-key weekend.

Exactly how I like it!

Friday the girls didn’t have to go to school, but Chris and I worked until 11:00.

When we got done, Chris went hunting and I went home to be with the girls.

That afternoon I dropped Elizabeth off for her Middle School retreat with the church.

Emily and I then headed to the Bluff to meet my mom, sister, and nephews for a night of fun.

We ate supper, went to Walmart, then went and watched the new Maleficent 2 movie.

It was a great movie and a great night!

Saturday morning I taught VIPKID classes (love this side gig) and then went back to bed and caught up on all my shows.

Zach ended up staying the night with us Friday night and him and Emily stayed up LATE that night so I knew they’d sleep in.

It was raining ALL day here on Saturday so it was the perfect day to be lazy.

Around noon I finally went and woke the kids up and made them lunch.

When Chris got home from TC, we headed to Doniphan to take Zach back home.

We visited with family and then went and visited my dad and Lequeeta’s graves.

Sunday we went to church and then were able to pick Lizzie up from her MS retreat. She had the best time!

That afternoon Emily had basketball practice, Liz had volleyball practice, and then Chris’s dad came over that evening to visit.

There was a lot of laundry and relaxing that afternoon as well!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday, which might be one of my favorites yet!

I pray you have a blessed week!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. That sounds like a nice weekend! My husband and I enjoyed a leisurely date night– we had to go shopping for new clothes for a funeral we have coming up. Not the greatest reason to be out shopping but it was kind of surreal to us to be out shopping in the mall just the two of us like we used to do in high school!

    1. So sorry to hear about the funeral.
      When I took the girls shopping for my mother in laws funeral the lady at the register said, “oh, there must be a wedding coming up.” I said, “no, actually a funeral.” She felt awful!

  2. My daughter, granddaughter and her mother in law went to see Maleficent Movie also and enjoyed a girls day out! Jessica said they liked the movie.

  3. Thank you for sending me the sweet email offering to answer my questions about VIPKids. I had a crazy week and haven’t made my demo tape or thought much about it. But hope to get it done this coming week. May still send you an email with questions.

    The kids’ sleepover looks like a great time. I remember those days. Both with my girls and their friends, and even some slumber parties with my buddies when I was young. Lots of fun.

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