Easter 2023

Happy Monday morning!

Whew, has it been a while since I’ve been on here. Life is so busy and I keep thinking it will slow down, but it doesn’t look like it will any time soon.

We’ve been doing great! I just got done coaching volleyball and Chris is still in the middle of coaching baseball, so this is truly our busy time of the year.

Emily is doing HS track this year and her meets have been on the weekends. No one warned me how long track meets last! Wowza, they are some long days!

Our Easter this year was very simple and sweet.

We went to the early service at our church here at Dexter.

Then, we went over to Doniphan to my Nini’s house. One of my uncle’s and their family couldn’t make it and then my other uncle ended up with the flu.

Also, my sister and her family had to go to my BIL’s family, so there weren’t very many of us there for lunch because of all this.

It was still nice to visit with those that were there. My cousin’s little boy got to hunt all the Easter eggs in the backyard by himself and it was the sweetest thing watching him.

After my Nini’s house we went out to my cousin Tabi’s place. This is my dad’s side of the family.

My sister was able to make it to this stop and then my cousin, Amanda, and her family came down from Farmington so it was a great visit with everyone.

Some of us cousins with our sweet grandma!

We had to recreate a cousin picture from exactly 10 years ago too of some of our kids. It’s crazy the difference in 10 years!

We ended the night at my sister’s house dyeing Easter eggs and talking about our upcoming trip together.

Weekends like this make me realize how crazy blessed we are. I’m so thankful for great family and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!

Hope y’all have a blessed week!

3 thoughts on “Easter 2023

  1. Haha! Oh yes, those track meets are soooo loong! My son started track in high school and I was totally unprepared for how long they are how much activity is going on all at the same time, etc. It looks like your family had a lovely Easter.

  2. Hey friend!! I just thought of you today and wanted to pop over to your blog! I wish I could have your posts come into my email inbox bc I’m horrible about reading any blogs nowadays. It’s so good to see you and your family! You and your girls are just beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!!

    1. It’s so good to hear from you! I think somewhere on my blog there is a subscribe button to get posts to your email. Not totally sure though. We are doing great! How are you all doing? How are the boys with their diabetes? I miss you!

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