Halloween 2019

It’s Friday! Yay!

Hope y’all have had a great week.

Our Halloween yesterday was great!

Me and my 8th grade teachers dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

The students all thought we looked great and we had a fun day together. We even ordered pizza for lunch in true ninja turtle fashion. I love my coworkers!

Liz was a HydroFlask (think VSCO girl) and Emily was a red crayon. They both have a great group of friends that make Halloween even more fun!

Liz was supposed to cheer at her first basketball game that evening but it got cancelled due to the other school having a pipe leak.

So we had a night off from everything and enjoyed the evening together!

The girls and friends ate Mexican together and then went trick or treating for a while before coming back to our house to hang out.

Our girls are definitely getting older and I miss how excited they used to get about trick or treating.

BUT I also love this stage they are in and watching them turn into young adults.

I love being their mom and sharing memories with them! I am blessed!

Hope your weekend is great! It is youth season for deer hunting so I’m sure the girls will find themselves out in the woods with Chris at some point.

3 thoughts on “Halloween 2019

  1. I love they dressed up WITH their friends! I am seeing so many group costumes with friends this year. We never thought to do that when we were younger but I bet it adds another element of fun to the night.

  2. I love seeing kid all dressed up together as a theme. This was our first year with no trick or treating or costumes, but we still had fun. It only gets better as they get older. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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