Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  So thankful we made it through this week.  We are looking forward to a weekend of resting and getting well!  These colds are seriously kicking our booties.

As always, today I am linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea to share with you my Friday Favorites.


My favorite this week was the solar eclipse!  Here at Dexter, we saw the eclipse at 98.1% totality.  My sister drove to Illinois and was able to see it at 100% totality and we both had completely different experiences.  I thought it was neat, but was a little disappointed that it didn’t get as dark as I thought it would.  My sister on the other hand, experienced the nighttime darkness and the animals getting confused. No matter what, it was a wonderful event to experience!  I can’t wait for 2024 because our town is going to be in the path of 100% totality with the next eclipse.

IMG 3169

Chris and a bunch of his teacher buddies watching the eclipse

IMG 3170 1

Emily with friends fixing to go out and watch the eclipse

IMG 3173

Liz’s class watching the eclipse


I’m the teacher on the far right not paying attention.  LOL


My  new dress!  I wore this dress to church on Sunday and then again to school on Tuesday.  I got SOOOO many compliments on it.  It is soft and long and has pockets~ the perfect combination for a good dress.  I have been getting my clothes from an online boutique, Arrow Boutique, that my friend, Kendra, suggested.  Check the boutique out on Facebook here.  She has amazing clothes!

IMG 3183


The girls got their school pictures back this week.  I can’t believe how old they look!  They are truly growing up on me and I’m so proud of the young girls they are turning into.

IMG 3094


My friend, Taryn, surprised me one morning at work and brought me a package of Strawberry Craisins.  She knows they are my favorite {healthy} snack and that I would enjoy them.  Thoughtfulness like that goes a long way, people!  Taryn didn’t know it, but I had a horrible night the night before after visit with baby girl’s birth mom and was kind of down in the dumps.  A box of craisins and kindness changed my mood instantly.  I encourage all of you to reach out to someone with a simple act of kindness.  It makes the world a better place!



Our high school volleyball season has officially started!  Their first home game was last night and we were able to go and watch them.  I LOVE volleyball and love supporting our school teams.  We ended with a big win over Jackson.  I look forward to watching this group of girls play this season.

IMG 3240

Hope you all have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. A package addressed to you from arrow boutique showed up in my mailbox a week or so ago and I bet it was the very dress you’re speaking of. Same numbers but different street names. Not the first time I’ve gotten your mail so if you ever see me at your mailbox it’s because I’m delivering your mail. Lol!!

    1. Too funny! Glad you are honest and know where to bring it. Thanks for delivering it safely! I seem to be getting a package from there weekly. Lol Have a good weekend!

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