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Our House: Girls’ Bathroom

Happy Wednesday!  We are already half way through the week~ yay!  We are all battling horrible colds in our household and poor Liz had a low fever yesterday after school.  She woke up today with a fever still, so I stayed home with her.

Today, I want to share with you another room in our new house; the girls’ bathroom.

Downstairs in our basement we have both girls’ bedrooms and a bathroom.  It is basically their own living quarters.  They absolutely love it and are even begging for a mini fridge so they don’t have to come upstairs to get a drink.  LOL

The girls’ bathroom downstairs wasn’t meant to be a complete overhaul, but it quickly turned into that once we started remodeling.

Here is a look at the before:

IMG 0508

We originally only wanted to change the pedestal sink out and buy a new vanity/mirror combo for more storage.  However, when we pulled the sink out, we uncovered a few plumbing issues, which lead to us getting a new toilet, which then lead to wanting ceramic tile laid, which lead to us ripping out the bathtub and making a tiled walk-in shower!  Whew!

Once we started ripping things up and uncovering problems, we just decided to completely gut the whole bathroom and make it exactly how we wanted it!

Besides all the cosmetic stuff, we ended up moving plumbing around and changed the location of  the sink/vanity and also added three recessed lights.

IMG 3175

IMG 3176

I think it turned out perfectly!  We are so pleased with the outcome and it’s seriously the best bathroom in the house now.  The girls helped pick out all the decorations, but we still need to find a shower curtain that they both can agree on.  Emily wants wild and crazy colors and Elizabeth just wants gray.  Any suggestions on a shower curtain you think would look good in here, please let me know!

IMG 3177

IMG 3178

IMG 3179

IMG 3180

IMG 3181

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Have a great rest of the week!



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