16 Years!!!

Today, Chris and I are celebrating 16 years of being married!

I know it sounds cliché, but I love him more today than I did even yesterday.

Just this week I saw the news that Rachel and Dave Hollis are getting a divorce.  This immediately made me so sad.  But then it also made me mad at the same time.

I’m upset that our girls see “celebrity” couples like this throwing in the towel and giving up on their marriage when things get tough.

It’s evident the enemy (Satan) is getting his way breaking up families and marriages.

I wish more people would put God first in their marriage and realize that their marriage is worth fighting for!

Is Chris perfect?? NO WAY!

Am I perfect?? BIG, FAT NO!!!

I am very grateful that Chris and I knew from the start to put God first in our marriage, to choose to work through even the hard times, and make the most of our marriage.

I can honestly say that Chris is my best friend.  Sure, we argue…Sure, he gets on my nerves…BUT, he is my soul mate through and through.

I know no matter what Chris will always have my back and I will have his, even when things get hard. And I promise you, we’ve been through some very “hard” things together!

I pray more and more married couples will learn to fight for their marriage.  No matter what celebrities or famous people show us, marriage is a sacred union from God and is intended for GOOD and not meant to end in divorce.

I had no intention to go this way with this blog post.  Guess I just felt it on my heart to share this today.

I am so excited to spend the day with Chris.  We have a great day planned together just the two of us.  I can’t wait!

So thankful for Chris’s love these past 16 years and pray we have 50+ more years together!


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