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Our House: Emily’s Room

Hi, friends.  Happy Wednesday!  We are counting down the days until we leave for the beach and the girls were so excited to wake up this morning and know we only have 2 more sleeps until we leave for Florida!  We are SO excited.

Today, I am going to share with you Emily’s bedroom.  This is where we did most of the work when we moved into our new house in April and we are so pleased with how well it turned out.

This is what Emily’s room looked like before:

IMG 0435

Actually, we had already done some work in this picture and studded the walls.  This room was previously just a concrete storage room.   It is located down in the basement and we knew when we looked at the house that we would want to convert it to a bedroom.  There was already one bedroom down there and a bathroom, and we wanted both girls to have bedrooms down in the basement and make that their living quarters.

Since we started from concrete walls and floors, it took three weeks for Emily’s room to get completely finished.  We had to stud it, Sheetrock it, put the ceiling tiles in, add more lighting, add heating and air, make a closet, add carpet and paint.  That list made me tired just typing it out!

Thankfully, we have three bedrooms upstairs, so while Emily’s room was being done she just hung out in a room upstairs.  Poor girl had to live out of boxes for those few weeks, but she was a trooper about it.  Every day after school we would rush home to check the progress of her room.  She loved watching it shape into an actual bedroom.  I kick myself now for not taking more “in progress” pictures, but I didn’t have anymore except for the one I already shared.

ANYWAYS, here is the final product!  These pictures were taken right after Emily cleaned her room, so please don’t think it’s always this clean.

IMG 2038

View from when you first walk through her door.  {The lighting wasn’t the best the day I took these pictures, sorry.}  I wasn’t crazy about her bed being right when you walked in her door, but because of the cable placement this is where it had to go.  She picked her bedding and accent pillows out from Target, her fuzzy pillow was from Hobby Lobby, and then Beary is on the edge of her bed by her nightstand.  She got it as a gift when she was born and sleeps with her every night!

IMG 2037

This view is looking to the left from her bedroom door.  She has a stand up mirror in the corner, and her LPS box that has all her Littlest Pet Shops in it on the floor.  Her room had to have the electrical box in it, so we just decorated it with random pictures of her with her friends.

IMG 2043

Her tall dresser holds her TV, piggy bank, camera, and cupcake pottery piece she painted last year.  Both girls were able to get brand new bedroom furniture when we moved and I love it.  It is solid and great quality!

IMG 2039

Looking to the other side of her bedroom.  That door you see goes into a big storage area that holds a lot of junk.  We were able to save some storage space when we “squared” her room up and I’m so happy that we were able to do that!  You can’t see her closet door, but it is on the other side of the hanging blanket.

IMG 2041

Emily’s chest of drawers with mirror.  You can’t see it, but at the end is a framed picture of my oldest nephew, Tyler.  One year for Christmas that is all Emily asked my sister for and it is her most prized possession in her room!  She has made sure she packs it carefully to every house we move to and immediately finds the perfect spot for it in her room.  She loves her cousin Tyler (and Zach)!

IMG 2040

This blanket is priceless to me!  When Emily was born we almost lost her and she spent 3 weeks in the NICU fighting to survive.  The first few days in the NICU, Emily was on an oscillator ventilator and had to have the room completely dark and quiet.  A group of ladies from the hospital got together and made this quilt for her and it hung over her isolette in the NICU.  Later, she slept with it the first few years of her life.  When she finally “outgrew” sleeping with it every night, I found this cool way to display it in her room and have always hung it up.  I love it so much and it brings tears to my eyes still today.

IMG 2042

I love this picture of what is on top of Emily’s nightstand.  It describes her well!

  • Her alarm clock changes colors based on her mood.
  • She has her jar of money that she counts every night.  She has been saving for a few months now for a computer and is almost there!
  • Her cat ears and fake glasses are SO her sense of style.
  • She has a framed picture of her and her BFF, Blair.
  • Then there is her Peek-a-boo ipod holder and her drum thing she got from my sister from the Bahamas that she plays ALL THE TIME!  Thanks Aunt Julie for that souvenir!  LOL

Hope you have enjoyed a look into Emily Grace’s bedroom.  She loves the way it turned out and that’s all that matters to this momma!

Have a great Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Our House: Emily’s Room

  1. LOVE the cat ears and fake glasses. Maddi’s first grade teacher used to think she had real glasses until she actually got glasses in second grade and now does not want to wear them. Ha! What a beautiful room! That quilt is so special! Also, where did you find that alarm clock? Maddi would love that for Christmas. Have a great day!

    1. I actually picked it up at Wal-Mart. The pink part stays pink, but the top LED light changes colors based on mood and she uses it as her nightlight.

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