Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hello, there!

It has taken me forever to write this weekend recap and honestly, there isn’t a whole lot to show for this weekend.  I did a HORRIBLE job at taking pictures and I also came down with an awful stomach bug and felt so bad!

Friday night after school the girls and I ran errands in town for about an hour before picking baby girl up from daycare.  We saw Dancing Lou while we were in town so our day was made!  The girls LOVE him!  He works on the railroad and when he’s in Dexter he exercises by dancing and walking through town.  It was fun to see him.

IMG_3252 (1)

Chris had an away football game that night, so it was just me and the girls.  We got pizzas and we were really, really lazy.  Emily played over at a neighbor’s house all evening and Liz spent a lot of time on her phone watching slime videos.  We ended the night with cuddling and watching TV,  and I think we were all asleep by 9:00!

Saturday morning I got up pretty early and graded a lot of papers from the week.  Chris went to work at Teen Challenge, so it was just me and the girls again.  Chris’s dad actually came and picked Elizabeth up a little before noon so she could go up to Cape and spend some time with them and Chris when he got off work.


Emily and I shopped downtown Dexter for a birthday party gift.  Emily sense of style is funny and I love shopping with her.  She picked out a really cute gift for her friend!


One of Emily’s other friends came and got her for the birthday party in Puxico.  It was a skating party and Emily had a blast!  She has such a great group of friends.


While she was at her party, I caught up on the laundry, started feeling really bad, and took a nap when baby girl did.  It was a pretty rough afternoon!

Chris decided to stay up at Cape to watch the BIG fight with a bunch of Teen Challenge men and his dad.  He was excited like a little kid at Christmas time!

IMG_3322IMG_3321 (1)

That evening we were super lazy again and I finished grading most of my papers.

Chris let Elizabeth spend the night up at Cape because she fell asleep before the fight ended.  Chris didn’t get home until about midnight that evening.

Sunday we all slept in watched golf on TV most of the morning.  Chris’s parents brought Elizabeth home and then we ate a late lunch with them.  Chris went and got groceries for me since I still felt horrible and I took three naps that day.

Monday came too quickly!  I am feeling some better, but still not 100%.  I’m not really sure what’s going on with me.

Hope you have a great week!  This is my birthday week, so I have to start feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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