Monthly Goals

March Goals

Happy Monday!

Here’s how I did on my February goals:

  1. Get my hair done! DONE I went back blonder and am loving it.
  2. Pick a student in each hour and write them a nice email. I love doing this. Kids, especially teenagers, love words of affirmation. Emailing positive things is an easy way to build a great relationship with my students.
  3. Go on a date with Chris. LOVE my alone time with Chris. I cherish the time we can just be together me and him. It makes me excited about our future together, but it also makes me want to make sure we spend all the time possible with our girls before they are done with HS.

Here are my March goals:

  1. Get mom’s Mother’s Day gift booked and ordered.
  2. Order shirts for Nini’s birthday trip.
  3. Make sure to share Makayla’s baby due date and weight pool.
  4. Start walking a mile every day.
  5. Finalize hotels for May trip.
  6. Get Easter outfits ordered.
  7. Get Teen Challenge banquet dresses ordered.
  8. Take each girl shopping for new spring items separately and enjoy one on one time with them.

Hope you have a great day today!

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