Thanksgiving 2019

It’s Monday!

Only 3 more weeks of school and then we are on Christmas break!!

We have a very busy 3 weeks and are ready for the holiday season.

Today, I wanted to share our Thanksgiving with you.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a hard day.

It was our first Thanksgiving without Lequeeta. It was so tough and our hearts missed her so much.

And even though it’s been 2.5 years since my dad passed away it was still hard not seeing him there as well.

Overall, even with all the sadness, we had a great Thanksgiving break. We are blessed and I’m so thankful for God’s blessings in my life!

Thanksgiving Day we went to my Nini’s house. All of my family was there and it was a great visit! We ate great food, played our annual game of Spoons, and just had a good time!

Friday we headed up to Springfield to see Chris’ grandma, aunt/uncle, and cousins.

Friday night we played Taboo with the whole crowd and it was hilarious. Get 7 kids and 7 adults trying to play and you will have lots of great laughs!

Saturday we had a wonderful breakfast together and then headed back home. We were so thankful to get this time to see Gran and all Chris’ family!

The thing I’ll remember most about this Thanksgiving is my Grandad’s prayer at my family’s lunch and Gran’s prayer at Chris’ family.

My Grandad will be 93 soon and Chris’ Gran will be 88. So glad for the legacy they will leave their families but most importantly that they show us all that prayer and God is the most important thing.

I hope you take time to thank God for all the blessings in your life.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!

I pray you have a great week!

I’ll be back tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2019

  1. Hugs my friend! I was thinking of you all this Thanksgiving. I know it can’t be easy at all! It looks like you had a blessed holiday with those that are surrounding you. I am thankful you have family near. Ours are all back in WI, so it’s rare we ever see them for holidays now. I love the selfie outtakes at the end, haha!

    1. Having family far away is so hard, I know. We are about an hour from my family, so not awful, but some days I wish I could pop over there after school just to say hi and I can’t. Emily loves being in charge of the remote for the selfies. We usually have a lot of outtakes with her around.

  2. What a fun and family filled Thanksgiving! We had a very quiet day at home but it was just what I needed this year.

  3. I know that must have been a tough holiday for both sides of your family. It’s a testament to what amazing parents they were that they left such an empty space in your hearts. Sending love!

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