Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today my dad would’ve turned 59. Instead, he is celebrating his second birthday in heaven with Jesus.

It’s crazy how quickly time passes us by.

I don’t cry as much anymore but it also doesn’t take much to make me cry when it comes to my dad. For instance, while we’ve been here at the Smoky Mountains I think back to one of my favorite pictures of my mom and dad taken here and can’t help but cry missing him.

There are days where it feels like it was just yesterday that my dad was here and then there are days it seems like he’s been gone for decades.

I miss him so much everyday.

Birthdays will probably never get easier. October 20th is always my dad’s day.

I’m happy I’m left with so many great memories of him to remember on this special day, but man, the heartache is tough.

Happy 59th birthday in heaven, dad! I love you so much.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday in Heaven

  1. Dads are so special, and it sounds like you two had a very special relationship! I’m so sorry for your pain. God bless you my friend!

  2. Awe. I have chills reading this. I just can’t imagine all you are feeling today, friend. Big hugs from MT! I am sure your dad is having the time of his life with Jesus!

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