Friday Favorites

Hello!  This morning Emily reminded me we only have one more Friday after this one before school starts back up.  Kind of dampened the mood a little bit, but we are going to make it a great Friday!

Today I am linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea to share with you my Friday Favorites.


The other night I sat down to write a blog post and I was out of photo storage.  It wouldn’t let me upload any pics and I was freaking out.  I didn’t want to pay for the upgraded blog and was stumped at what to do.  I researched and researched and then asked my Computer Science teacher husband and he told me about Cloudup.  It is a free online storage system that lets you upload your photos in the cloud and share them anywhere.  It is REALLY easy to use and works great for blogging.  Now I just upload all my pictures to Cloudup and drag and copy them over to my blog.  I am not taking up any storage space on the blog and I still get to put pictures on my posts.  Check Cloudup out here.

Cloudup logo


My oldest, Elizabeth, has the world’s stinkiest feet.  She was cleaning out her cheer bag the other day and the smell of her cheer shoes about knocked me down!  OMG~so bad!  We happen to go to Academy Sports that same evening and picked up some of these sneaker balls for Elizabeth to try.  They work WONDERS!  She threw them in her cheer shoe case and it helps so much.  I think they would also work great for gym lockers or gym bags.  We will definitely be keeping these sneaker balls in stock for future use.

FullSizeRender sneaker balls



The last thing that is my favorite this week is my husband, Chris.  I know I gush about him all the time and you all might be sick of hearing about him, but he seriously makes me so proud to be his wife.  Chris is great at anything he does.  He can fish, hunt, golf, play basketball, play any instrument, has an EXCELLENT business mind, and is a great role model to all the kids he teaches/coaches.  On top of all of this he is an excellent daddy, husband, and son.  He never loses sight of what is important in life and always puts spending time with his family first.

Chris went fishing at Current River on Wednesday and caught a massive small mouth fish.  It was the biggest fish he has caught to date.  It was about 23 inches long and weighed about 5.9 lb.  I love how excited he gets about telling me his fishing stories and exactly how he caught each fish.

IMG 2658

Then, he turned around and went golfing this week with a few buddies and one of his friends took this picture of him and sent it to me.  Chris hates getting his picture made, so I love action shots like this of him.

I swell with pride when I see Chris.  He is so good to me and I am blessed!

IMG 2659

That’s all I have time for today.  I am going to attempt to take the girls school supply shopping.  Wish us luck that we find everything and I come back with some money left!

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. What a fun post for Friday! I love that you gush about your husband. One of our mentor moms in bible study told us years ago to always build up our husbands both publicly and at home. I love when I see other ladies do this! It’s a great reminder to me to remember to do it too! I hope you have a great weekend. PS not to dampen the mood but school starts early for you??? What state are you in? We go back August 23rd! xoxo ERIN

  2. Love this round up of favorites. I am going to get those sneaker balls. I am such a smell freak. I love all the kind words you said about Chris. He is lucky to have you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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