Thursday's Three

Thursday’s Three

Happy Thursday!

Chris and I survived our first day back to school.  It was hard getting up and around, but it did my heart well getting to see so many of my co-workers!

In today’s post I am sharing 3 things about each of us in the Bolin Bunch to get you caught up on our lives.

Chris and Jen


Chris became the master fisherman this summer of really BIG small mouth fish.

I became a health nut and have found a love for running, walking, and working out.  As the girls get older, I have more time to focus on myself and it’s been a nice change!

We are in the process of buying something really, really fun that I can’t wait to share with y’all!



Monday we received Elizabeth’s insulin pump!  We still don’t have it up and running yet due to COVID and meeting with our doctor, but we hope to by the end of this week!  As soon as she told us she wanted one, we started the insurance process immediately.  We are so excited for her!

She recently got her ears double pierced.  She is so tough and didn’t even flinch.

She got a new leopard gecko named Hank and she is the best reptile momma ever.  We are always going to the store to get it crickets and all the accessories that go with it.




Emily has started her first ever middle school basketball season.  She is going into the 7th grade and this is the first year we have a school team offered.

Emily is the proud new owner of a Beta fish named Bubbles.  She originally got 3 glo fish named Dolly, Diva, and Dilbert, but they only lasted about 18 hours before we found them belly up.  (I think she fed them too much food)


Emily FINALLY reached 80 pounds this summer!  This was her goal all summer and when we went to the doctor the other day she weighed 80.4 pounds and was so excited!



Happy Sunshine will miss us as we all go to school on Monday.  She has loved life with us home since March.

Happy’s new hobby this summer has been chasing rabbits.  We’ve had so many rabbits in our yard and she loves chasing them away.  Makes her feel tough!

She has also started something new that if I go outside to sit on the back deck or water my flowers out front and she’s not outside with me, she will bark until someone lets her out so she can be right beside me.  She’s a little spoiled!

Have a great Thursday!  Hope your day is as wonderful as you are.  Thank you for checking out my blog!

Tomorrow I will be back for some Friday Favorites.img_2304

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  1. Fun update!! Can’t wait to see what you guys are buying. YAY for Liz’s new insulin pump!! I hope you all love it.

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