This and That

This and That

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is the last day for MS volleyball. We play in the semi-finals for county tournament this evening and hopefully can make it to the finals also! Wish us luck!

I’m linking up with Johannah, Heather, Tanya, and Lindsay and sharing a mixture of this and that today.

Last Thursday evening our volleyball team had our annual Hits for Hope game. We were able to raise $6900 to help local families battling cancer. It was an awesome night! My heart was so full.

Friday night I took Emily’s 5th grade team up to a new league to play volleyball. They have two games every Friday night in the month of April and then a big tournament the first week in May.

It is a 5/6th grade league, so I worried about how tough the competition would be.

We played 6th grade teams both games, but they played GREAT and split both. I was so proud of them!

Saturday I had pool play for our MS county tournament ALLLL day long. And when I say all day, I’m talking 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

It was a long but great day!

Saturday Chris and Liz were in St. Louis for her volleyball tournament.

Her team ended up getting 2nd place in the gold bracket! They played great! I was sad I had to miss it.

Liz had a horrible “diabetes” day and almost got to the point of passing out during one set. She was 40!!! (This is dangerously low).

Nothing a quick drink of apple juice couldn’t fix and she kept on playing her heart out. So glad she doesn’t let diabetes slow her down!

Sunday I woke up with so much sinus pressure! I seriously couldn’t breath! I did get all my chores done with cleaning the house and laundry, but I did take a few naps also.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!

Who do you have winning tonight? Virginia or Texas Tech?

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  1. Go get it girl!! Win that tournament!! I mean, if you’re going to play in it, you might as well will it, right!? We have our first men’s game tomorrow!!

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