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Happy Friday!  The girls and I are headed out for lunch and then watching Despicable Me 3 together today.  We are so excited!

Sorry I missed posting my June book review yesterday.  I’ll try to share that with you early next week.

Today I am linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea to share with you my Friday Favorites.


Chris and I loaded the girls up yesterday for a full day on Current River.  We have had a busy week and haven’t had a lot of time to relax with just us four, so we decided a river day was a must.  It was the perfect day together and the highlight of my week.  I love going to the river and just watching the girls play and have fun.  We went on a long boat ride and saw lots of turtles and even a few snakes.  Then we stopped at a gravel bar and swam and played for hours.

FullSizeRender me and chris riverIMG_1766IMG_1767IMG_1771IMG_1772IMG_1773IMG_1775IMG_1783IMG_1784IMG_1785IMG_1788IMG_1792


I’ve had a really hard time this week missing dad.  He’s been gone 4 weeks today.  I try to hide my tears from the girls, but one day this week Emily woke up and saw me crying a bunch.  She came up and gave me a big hug and just snuggled with me.  The girls have also had a hard time with losing their Papa Tim.  It’s all something we are working out together.  Anyways, later that day Emily was down in the basement cleaning her room and came upstairs and handed me this sweet note.  Attached to the back was a beautiful coloring page she colored for me, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  This kind gesture definitely lifted my spirits and made my day.  She is such a thoughtful kid.



The last thing I am sharing is a screenshot I took off my Facebook news feed.  It’s not a very good picture because I was trying to fit it all into one screenshot.  However, the message really spoke to me.  I am so guilty sometimes of secretly judging others and wondering why they even bother coming to church if they just go right back out into the world not living for God.  This message reminded me that I should be so focused on my relationship with God and not even bothered by what others are doing.


Hope you all have a great Friday and wonderful holiday weekend!  We hope to swim as much as possible, watch as many fireworks as possible, and spend our time with family and friends.


5 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. What a great reminder about judgement and really focusing on God. WOW! I also NEED that tank top! How cute! Lots of prayers coming to you for comfort about your dad. Grief is so hard and crying just happens. Never feel bad about it. I hope you have a great weekend with your family!

  2. That is such a great thought! It makes me so sad that my husband uses others’ hypocrisy as an excuse for him to not go to church. I always just say that I go to better MYSELF, and it doesn’t matter about the others. However, I’m terrible about still judging others… What a good reminder!

  3. I’m guilty of judging too. God has been revealing scriptures to help me with this and forgiveness this summer. He keeps reminding me that I have no idea of the journey someone else has been asked to walk. Just as they have no idea of the journey I’ve been asked to walk. We’re all doing our best one day at a time! I’m continuing to pray for you and your family as you deal with the loss of your amazing dad!

  4. Thank you for sharing that story on judging. Really made me think.

    I’m loving your river pics! There is nothing like being out on the water. You are encouraging me to get out there myself soon.

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