Life Lately

Happy Monday, friends!

Hope y’all have been doing well.

We’ve been busy over here just surviving day by day.

Teaching during a pandemic has been no joke for me and Chris. And then add on top of that normal duties of parenting and running a household~ we are tired!

Anyways, we’ve been enjoying all the fall things lately.

We have gone to a lot of haunted houses.

Carved pumpkins.

The girls have been cheering their hearts out. (It’s so fun to watch them)

And they both recently started their travel volleyball teams, so that is keeping us busy on the weekends.

We had a stray dog come up to the house the other day and he just won’t go away! Maybe because the girls keep feeding it and playing with it every chance they get! Hopefully soon we can find someone to take him!

Chris and I survived first quarter parent teacher conferences and rewarded ourselves with a day date driving around and looking at the pretty fall leaves.

I am so thankful that even with this world and all the craziness, we have been able to have a semi-normal fall and school year so far.

Stay healthy and keep living life day by day!

5 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Gosh, you are a super mom, Jen! Teaching is a lot of work as is… I can’t imagine how much harder it is right now. Hang in there, friend. Glad to see your update and how life is going for y’all.

  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve heard that teaching is SO TOUGH right now with so many extra duties and expectations. Hang in there.

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