Today I am excited to share with you about a company I’ve been working for since July.

This summer I was “bored”. My girls are older and more independent and I kept telling Chris I needed a hobby.

I was searching for things online, and I happened to run across one of my teacher friend’s post about VIPKID. I was intrigued, but thought it was a scam and kept scrolling.

A few days later I saw another post about VIPKID from a sponsored link on FB, so I clicked on it.

I read through it and was a little confused at what it was, so messaged my teacher friend that originally posted about it for some more information.

She was very helpful and answered all of my questions.

Long story short, I was hired with the company in July and have loved every minute of it!

I am just now feeling comfortable with what I’m doing and feel like sharing with others.

Maybe this program can be a blessing to you, too!

Here are some FAQ’s about VIPKID:

What are you teaching?

This program is to teach children in China how to speak English. So it’s a lot of repetitive stuff. I say, you say. You have to use a lot of TPR (talking with your hands).

What hours do you have to work?

You can work any time you choose; there is no minimum or maximum.

However, our “awake” time is of course their sleep time in China! I usually work 1 hour a day, teaching 2 classes in the morning from 6:00-7:00 a.m. I do work some weekend nights also if we don’t have anything going on.

You can work as little or as much as you want. Time is money!

How much money do you make?

Classes are each 25 minutes long, and I am averaging about $9.50 per class. So basically about $20 an hour.

This month for September I am projected to make around $500.

Do you have to buy a bunch of manipulatives?

No! I am very plain and simple. I use a whiteboard, have a few flash cards with pictures, and magnetic alphabet letters.

You do have to have some sort of incentive as a reward for the kids: build an ice cream cone, monkey and bananas, etc. (Target Dollar Spot)

Do you have to make lesson plans?

NO! This is what is so nice about this company. There is no prep involved! You upload the lesson before the class starts and everything is there for you. The slides literally tell you what to do at the bottom! Almost unheard of in education!

There are a couple of downfalls to VIPKID:

1. You are an “independent contractor”. They do not hold taxes out of your paycheck. I am holding back 20% of my check each time to use to pay taxes. I don’t know what the best system is for this since I’m still new at it, but this is my plan.

2. It takes a while to get booked to teach your first class after you’ve been hired. I was hired in July and only taught 4 classes that whole month. In August, I taught about 6 classes, but still wasn’t getting all my slots booked that I opened.

However, since Chinese school has started back up, I have been booked every slot I’ve opened in September. There really is no reason to when or why you get booked. Now I have regular students that book with me for their lessons because they like my teaching style, so that helps!

3. The interview process is very lengthy. There are two different parts to it. You have an initial interview with an adult in China. If you pass that round, you then go on to round 2 and teach a VIPKID American teacher. She will give you hints and tips on what to do. From this interview, you are either immediately hired or you have to go on to another American teacher if they want to see you teach a different lesson.

I was immediately hired by the American teacher, so not completely sure on how it works if you have to keep going.

I can help you with this interview process! I YouTubed a lot of VIPKID teaching videos for advice and tricks before I had my interviews.

Once you are hired, you upload your teaching degree/certificate and sign a 6-month contract with VIPKID.

I have already fallen in love with so many of my students. They are motivated to learn and so sweet! I look forward to seeing them every class.

Does this sound almost too good to be true?!? I promise, it is a legit company!

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree, have any experience with teaching, and want to make a little extra money and think this is something for you, please contact me today!

I will give you my referral to help you get started today!

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I have a local friend who does it and is able to be home with her kids and make almost a full time income choosing her hours 🙂 I love that you are doing it too!!!

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