Thursday's Three

Thursday’s Three

3 things I am loving this week:


The first thing I am loving this week is HEATED SEATS in my car!  I know this may sound lame to some, but this is a big deal for me.  My Traverse is the first car that I’ve ever had with heated seats, so this is definitely a world changer for me!  I hate the cold!  I am thankful for a garage that keeps my car somewhat warmer than if it was outside, but heated seats make such a difference!  I’m amazed at how warm and toasty I stay while in the car now with my seat heated.


I am LOVING that I only have 1 more day of school left before Christmas Break!  Teachers everywhere are anxiously awaiting their much needed time off; believe me when I say teachers earn these 2 weeks off!


Hang in There


The last thing I am loving this week is how our Christmas cards turned out this year.  Not sure why the picture is showing a yellow line around the border, that’s not truly there.  I am running a little behind on getting our cards mailed out this year,but better late than never!


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