Weekend Recap- Strep Throat Edition

This weekend recap is definitely going to be short and sweet!

Friday night Chris and I had a make-up foster class to attend.  This was session 8 so we only have one more class to go!


Saturday, Liz and I both tested positive for strep.  I can’t remember ever having strep as an adult, and let me tell you~ it is NOT fun!  Every swallow felt like pins and needles prickling your throat.  We were both prescribed 4 different types of medicines to hopefully make us feel better quick!

Needless to say, we didn’t do anything at all on Saturday.  I stayed in bed all day and watched a total of 4 Christmas movies, finished one book and started on another one, and took a few naps.  Chris was wonderful to help out and take care of the girls while I just rested and stayed in bed.

Saturday evening I did try to come out of my room and socialize a little bit with the girls.  I checked on Elizabeth and made sure she was taking her medicines correctly.  I also had enough energy to finalize addressing all of our Christmas cards and getting those ready to send out on Monday.  I am WAY behind this year on Christmas cards, but better late than never!


Today (Sunday)  I feel a lot better, although we didn’t make it to church.  I didn’t sleep well last night and the weather was crazy cold, so we decided to just sleep in and stay home.  I still have a sore throat, but nothing compared to the last few days.  Elizabeth has had more spunk and played most of the day.  She only complained once of her throat bothering her.  I have caught up on laundry and read some of my new book I started yesterday.  The girls have been so good and have stayed busy.  Chris has helped fold laundry and he even did my grocery shopping for me!  So thankful for all of his help this weekend.  We truly make a great team together.


Even though our weekend plans were totally messed up, I am thankful we got sick this weekend instead of at Christmas time next weekend!  We are officially on Christmas Break and have a busy week planned: gingerbread houses, baking Christmas cookies, making fudge with my Nini, haircuts, cheer parties, our initial home study, and going to see the new movie, Sing.  Can’t wait to enjoy this week with my girls!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  Have a blessed week!


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