Monthly Goals

October Monthly Goals

Sharing my monthly goals with you today for October.  Here is a recap of my September goals:

  • Have a girls night with friends- Didn’t happen!
  • Host my Scarf Exchange party- Have it scheduled, but hasn’t happened yet!
  • Close pool down– DONE!  So glad to get this job behind us!img_4453
  • Get at least 4 projects done on my final assignment for Master’s Degree- Partially done!  I got 2 projects done, so I really need to get in gear!
  • Go to Inspiration Point- Didn’t happen!
  • Decorate for fall- I did some things inside the house, but haven’t decorated my porch yet.  It has still been 90+ degrees outside, so I haven’t been motivated to do it!

As you can tell, I didn’t do very well with my September goals.  I honestly wrote them down and never looked at them again.  I think because of how busy we’ve been with volleyball and just getting back in the swing of things!  I will try to do better this month!

Now, here are my October goals:

  • Enjoy FALL BREAK
  • Have the girls’ friends over to paint pumpkins
  • Get 4 projects done for my Master’s Degree
  • Celebrate my 2-year blogiversary
  • Make a video of all of our #selfieSundays for the past year
  • Take supper to a friend
  • Read 2 books!

Hope you all have a marvelous Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “October Monthly Goals

  1. Love reading these goal posts. I was just thinking about how I should sit down and plan a couple goals for October. I need the extra kick-in-the-pants. 😉

  2. I think your October goals are great. I have a goal to read two books in October too and I have read one so far. A book by Bob Goff. Have you read any of his books? It was called Everybody Always, heartwarming, convicting and inspiring to love everybody always!

  3. Love these goals, and I love how you prioritize enjoying Fall Break. Life is so busy, especially for mommas, that we have to prioritize fun, or we’ll just be miserable!

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