What's Up Wednesday?

What’s Up Wednesday?

It’s Wednesday!  Finally!

Today, it’s one of my favorite link-ups of the month with Shay and Sheaffer.  I can’t believe we are ending another month already!

What I’m reminiscing about:

I fell down the rabbit hole the other night looking at old videos of the girls.  I know I said this last month too, but I can’t believe the girls will be 11 and 13 this year!  I miss them being young, but am so proud of the young women they are becoming!

What I’m loving:

Starburst JellyBeans are back in the store!!

What we’ve been up to:

Liz had her 3 month check-up at St. Louis Children’s Hospital this month.  It wasn’t the best A1C we’ve had, but overall it was a good check-up!


Emily got her braces off this month


And both girls have been playing  A LOT of volleyball


What I’m dreading:

Nothing at the moment…

What I’m excited about:

My CRUISE!  A month from today we will be sailing away to the Bahamas!  It’s a girls only cruise!  My mom, Nini, sister, and myself are going and I am so excited!  This is my first cruise ever and I don’t really know what to expect, but I can’t wait to get away for a while.

What I’m watching:

All the March Madness!  My bracket is holding up okay (I think)?? Not the best, but not the worst either.

What I’m reading: 

Just started Nicholas Sparks’ new book, Every Breath.  I have been slacking on my reading lately, but hope to pick it back up when volleyball is done in a few weeks.

What I’m listening to:

Currently, I am listening to Emily sing all of her songs for her 5th grade musical tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see how they do on it!  I know all the songs by heart now because of how much she’s been practicing them all this month.

What I’m doing this weekend:

Friday night Emily has a volleyball game, then Saturday Liz and I are headed to St. Louis for a volleyball tournament that she has all day on Sunday.

What I’m looking forward to next month:

My Nini’s birthday, Happy’s birthday, going to a technology conference with my math team, and my CRUISE!!!


14 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday?

  1. What a fun way to spend some time with your favorite ladies! I am sure that you’ll have a lovely time! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I can’t believe my girls are going to be 11 & 13 this year either!!! 😭

    Starburst jellybeans are my FAVORITE!

    Your cruise is getting closer… yay!

  3. OH I can not wait to hear all about your cruise! My husband and I cruised to the Bahamas and the virgin islands on our honeymoon. I still have very fond memoires of the straw market and the conch chowder on the Bahamas… my only regret is we never made it over to the Atlantis resort. It was so new that at the time we had no idea what it was but pulling into port– it looked ah-MAZE-ing!

    1. My sister was talking about the straw market this weekend. I am clueless at what to expect, but know I will love it. We almost did an excursion to Atlantis resort, but saved money and did something a little cheaper. Can’t wait to see it as we drive by though. 🙂

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