Monthly Goals

May Monthly Goals

It’s MAY!  Yay!!

Chris’s baseball team lost in the championship game last night.  They had a great season and had fun doing it, so that’s what matters!

Last night we had a rough night with diabetes and my heart broke for what Liz had to go through. We changed her Dexcom and then it fell off in the shower, so she had to get another new Dexcom put on. Two sensor changes in one night is not cool! She handled it great, but it’s hard for this momma to see her have to go through everything. Wish I could take it away from her!

Sharing my May goals with you today, but wanted to recap April goals also.

Here were April’s goals:

  • Clean out the hall closet– it’s seriously overflowing and a disaster! DONE!  Here are the before and after pictures:  

  • Read at least two books– I will finally have some more downtime to read and want to get back into this routine. DONE- I read The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers and Type 1 ConfessionalThe Masterpiece was a book I couldn’t put down and loved!  Type 1 Confessional gave some insight on more diabetic things.  I am trying to learn as much as possible about this disease.  I can’t wait to read more now that my schedule is slowing down!  

  • Get my porch swing moved to the back deck- Currently, my porch swing is on our front porch and I never sit on it because it looks right into our neighbor’s house!  I want to move my porch swing to the back deck so I would sit out there more and enjoy the peace and quiet.   (no neighbors that way) Hasn’t happened yet!  Hopefully soon!  
  • Have some friends over for a fish fry- We need to get rid of all of our fish from last summer and have been wanting to have some friends over, so this is a perfect reason! Didn’t happen either.  We had one scheduled, but then other plans happened and we had to cancel it.  
  • Get chapters 2 & 3 done in my research paper– Final paper isn’t due until May 7th, but I want to get it done this month so I don’t have to worry about it next month! DONE!  I just turned in my final paper last night a few days early!  It’s SOOO nice to have that out of the way!  A bonus is I didn’t even have to do chapter 3 with it, only chapters 1 and 2 had to be included in this paper.  YAY!

Now, here are my goals for the month of May:

  • Run/walk 2 miles 5 days a week- Seriously there is no excuse why I can’t!
  • Lose 10 pounds- Something that will make me feel better about myself going into swimsuit season.
  • Go to the river with just Chris and I- I would love a long boat ride with just Chris.  He could fish and I could read!  Win/win for everyone!
  • Have Liz’s volleyball team over for a sleepover- I am not sure I’m brave enough for this! HA
  • Find a cute basket for my bookshelf downstairs and/or other decor- I got a new bookshelf for Christmas for our basement and I love it, but I just haven’t found many cute things to decorate it with yet.  I am on the hunt this month to make it cute!
  • Follow along with Shay and Erika’s photo a day in May IG Challenge
  • Read and study the book of Ruth in the Bible
  • Celebrate Emily turning 10!!!
  • Write a nice note of encouragement to a friend
  • Move classrooms- Notice I didn’t say set up my new classroom, but I at least want to move all my classroom stuff into my new room this month.
  • Open the pool

Whew!  I have a long list of things I want to accomplish this month!  We will see how well I am able to do them all.

Have a great Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “May Monthly Goals

  1. Moving classrooms is a J-O-B! I will be praying for you on that one 🙂 What great goals this month. Time on the river would be perfect. Happy May!

  2. Moving classrooms is so much work – AH! It’s good to do that in chunks like you have planned. I love Francine Rivers Redeeming Love, might be my favorite book of all time so I am adding this one to my next fictional book! Have you read any Melissa Jagears, I love her!

  3. My heart just broke about that Dexcom story. I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up, and it does NOT look fun getting it attached! Thanks for the tip on the Francine Rivers book – looks like a good one!

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