Thursday's Three

Thursday’s Three

Happy Thursday!  I love Thursday because it means it’s almost Friday.  Today, I am giving you a little Bolin Bunch update on everyone in the household.

3 things right now going on with:


FullSizeRender fish

  1.  He’s done with coaching baseball, so he’s looking forward to fishing!  He has been getting all of his fishing gear lined up and ready to go for the summer.
  2. Graduates with his SPECIALIST degree NEXT week!  Yes, you read that right, SPECIALIST degree!! I am SO proud of him!
  3. He’s trying to come up with ways to make his mom and dad’s life less stressful this summer when his mom goes for surgery down in Houston.  Chris is a great son and does everything he can to help his parents.



  1.  Continues to live the mom life of shuttling kids to and from where they need to go.
  2. I’m trying to get back into running so I can run a half marathon sometime in the near future.
  3. Is looking for ways to bring a JDRF One Walk closer to my town.



  1.  Is loving all things volleyball right now.  She has been going to some clinics in Cape to help her with some skills and is doing amazing at it all!  We finally got her volleyball net put up in the yard the other day and she has constantly been out there working on her serve.
  2. Is addicted to playing the game on her phone.  She is GOOD at it too!
  3. Will be scheduling classes for Middle School next week!  WHAT?!?!?



  1.  Just got braces and is doing an amazing job at brushing her teeth and following all the “rules” of braces.
  2. Continues to take voice and piano lessons and is doing remarkably well at it all!  I tell her every day she is going to be famous!
  3. Will stay outside all day long, every day if I let her.  She loves playing and exploring!

Just a little update on what’s going on with all of us.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along with us!


4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Three

  1. So exciting for Chris, does he want to be a principal? You both are rocking it with your degrees! I get the mom life shuttling, amen! xoxo ERIN

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