Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

It’s Monday!?!?!?!  I could’ve really used another day in the weekend to get everything done, but it was a great weekend.  I am linking up with Johannah and Heather and sharing our weekend with you.

Friday was the last day in our Homecoming spirit week and declared black/red day at school.  Both of the girls’ teachers sent me pictures of them with their classmates in red and black.  I think they look great!

IMG 3810

IMG 3807

Friday after school we came home and grabbed a snack, got Elizabeth changed into her cheer outfit she had to wear, and headed to our Homecoming tailgate.  This is a huge community event where local businesses set up booths and have free food and games for the kids.  There was also bounce houses, a photo booth, and did I mention the food?!?!  Liz’s cheer team did a great job performing at the tailgate.  After they performed both of the girls went off with their friends and enjoyed walking around looking at all the booths.  It was a successful tailgate!

IMG 3747

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The homecoming coronation started at 6:30 before the football game.  All of the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses!

IMG 3763

We ended up losing the football game pretty badly, but it was still a great night.  I was able to sit by a few of my girlfriends and it was great to catch up with them!

IMG 3764

Saturday morning started WAAYYYY too early with volleyball.  Since I am the coach, I am having a hard time getting pictures of the girls playing.  We ended up with another win and the girls played really well together.  It is fun to watch each girl improve every game.  Emily Grace is SO close to getting her serves over.  I am going to work with her a lot this week and see if we can’t get her serves over the net.  With her being a lefty, everything is backwards with how I have to teach her!  Hopefully she will get it soon!

My mom, sister, nephews, and Nini came and watched them play that morning!  The girls were so excited that they came and watched them!  We went out to eat brunch at Huddle House after the game and it was a great morning together!

IMG 3772

IMG 3774

Saturday afternoon we came home and the girls showered and rested while I cleaned house and caught up on laundry.

After cleaning house the girls and I headed to Cape to meet Chris up there at his parents house.  The girls hadn’t seen their Nana and Papa in a few days and were missing them.  We first stopped at Rhodes for gas and a snack.  My girls think it’s a treat to get a Rhodes soda like momma for the trip to Cape.

IMG 3777

Saturday evening Chris’ parents took the girls into Cape for supper and let me and Chris go out to eat by ourselves.  It was WONDERFUL and much needed.  We ate at Texas Roadhouse for the first time and it was SO good.  We ended the evening going to TJ Maxx, Target, and Hobby Lobby.  I failed to get pictures of this because I was enjoying my time with Chris.  He makes me feel like a queen and is truly my best friend.  It never gets old spending time with him.

IMG 3778

IMG 3779

We got the girls from his mom and dad’s house and headed back to Dexter.

Sunday morning the girls woke up and were playing so nice with each other and all their new squishes they got, I had to document with a picture.  They have been fighting like crazy lately, so it was rare they chose to sit and play with each other.

IMG 3783

We went to church, came home and ate lunch, and then it was time for another volleyball game.  I don’t really like playing on Sundays, but it is what it is.  Chris’ mom and dad came down and watched the girls play.  My girls are blessed with such great people that support them.  We won again and celebrated with going to eat ice cream with Nana and Papa afterwards.

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IMG 3803

It finally rained a good rain while we were playing volleyball.  When we got home from eating ice cream, our back ditch was flooded and the yard was so wet, Chris had to wait a while to mow and weed eat.

IMG 3804

While we waited, I helped Emily study for spelling and a continents/ocean test, and then he helped Liz study for her states and capitals test.

IMG 3805

After studying the yard had dried up enough that Chris mowed and weed-eated and I made the girls go outside and enjoy the cooler weather.

IMG 3808

IMG 3809

Sunday evening’s agenda was getting showers done and relaxing with each other before the new week starts.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend and your date night sounds like a perfect one to me. Those are some of my favorite stores! So I follow another blogger I think is from Dexter. Kristin Gill, do you know her? Random I know! I hope you have a great week! xoxo ERIN

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