What's Up Wednesday?

What’s Up Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday!  Oh my goodness, did anyone else catch the season premiere of This is Us last night?!?!?!!?  SOOOOO good!  I love that show.  I have been like a little kid at Christmas time waiting for season 2 to start.

Today I am linking up with ShayMel, and Sheaffer and sharing with you my monthly WUW post.  The months are flying by and I can’t believe it will be October on Sunday.

What I’m reminiscing about: 

All the fall memories!  I love fall time and the weather is hopefully going to start turning cooler soon.  I plan to decorate our porch for fall this weekend or next week.  I don’t go crazy, but I do love mums and pumpkins and scarecrows.  The girls always help me decorate and it’s a fun time.


What I’m loving:

That my fall TV shows are starting back up this week.  This is Us and Grey’s Anatomy.  Fixer Upper starts back up in November, also.  I was sad to hear this will be their final season of the show, but admire them for stepping out of the limelight to focus on their family.

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What we’ve been up to:

Lots of football and volleyball.  This month has been full of Chris coaching MS football and the girls and I are busy with our DPR volleyball.  Red team is still undefeated!  YAY!!!

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What I’m dreading:

Some test results back this week (part of my unspoken prayer request a few weeks ago)

What I’m working on:

Being a mom, wife, teacher, coach, college student, and repeat.  All of these things right now are keeping me VERY busy!

What I’m excited about:

Cooler weather and getting our dog, Happy, groomed this week!  It’s the small things in life.  LOL  She is in desperate need of a haircut!  Also, our annual Hits for Hope HS volleyball game is tomorrow night and I’m excited to go and watch it.

What I’m watching:

This is Us and Grey’s Anatomy

What I’m reading:

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  I started it a few weeks ago, but haven’t picked it up since.  I hope to read some this weekend.


What I’m listening to:

My dear friend, Erin, at Perfectly Port Family, introduced me to Emily P. Freeman’s podcasts- The Next Right Thing.  I have only listened to the first podcast, but really enjoyed it.  I saved all the other episodes of that podcast series and want to finish listening to them soon.

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What I’m doing this weekend:

My nephew, Tyler, turns 13!!!!!  A TEENAGER?!?!?!- I can’t believe it!  My sister is having a big bonfire for all of us on Saturday night to celebrate his big day.  We also have volleyball games both Saturday and Sunday.


What I’m looking forward to next month:

There isn’t a lot on the agenda for October and that is nice.  I will celebrate ONE year of blogging in October that I’m looking forward to.  Also, even though it’s on the last day of October, I love Halloween!


What else is new: 

Some of you have been asking and have noticed that I’ve not been mentioning our foster girl lately in my posts.  She actually went to another foster family.  Without talking about a lot of details, her case was going towards adoption and after her court date we decided that right now was just not the time to adopt so they quickly moved her with a family that did want to adopt.  It was hard and done quicker than we wanted, but I know she went to a wonderful, loving family that will treat her right.  I keep in touch with them, so that makes it easier as well.  We went into fostering with the intent to adopt, but the timing just wasn’t right at the moment.  I do feel blessed to be apart of her life for the two short months she was with us and will pray for her daily.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!



5 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday?

  1. I’ve not ever watched an episode of This is Us.c but it’s because I’m not emotionally prepared for it. Ha..love his recap & keeping up with your adorable family!

  2. Yay that podcast is so good, isn’t it. Just thought provoking and her voice is so soothing! I am still praying for you, please keep us posted. Health stuff wrecks me so I know what you must be feeling! xoxo ERIN PS YES The THIS IS US premiere and the last 2 minutes I was like WHAT????

  3. This is Us is one of my favorites. I love that show. Still praying for you. Health stuff is not fun and waiting for tests is not fun either. I love Halloween too…it just seems to kick off the holidays. I also love all the fun weekends leading up to Halloween like the Pumpkin Patch and the other fun things this time of year offers.

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