Take Me Out To The Ballgame


While I was in the Bahamas Emily’s Songmakers group was able to sing “God Bless America” at a St. Louis Cardinals game.

Chris had a baseball tournament that same day and so my aunt and uncle saved the day and were able to go up and be with Emily.

My heart was so sad I had to miss her performance, but I was also so glad she had great family that stepped up and filled in for me and Chris that day!

Liz was also able to go up with them and I promise you they may have gotten a “tiny” bit spoiled by Aunt Niki and Uncle Jake!

After the game they took the girls to Incredible Pizza for 5 hours! 5 hours?!! They did everything there from riding go carts to laser tag.

Both girls told Chris when they got home that it was the best day ever!

Thanks Jake and Niki for taking them and loving on them when Chris and I couldn’t be there!

Thanks to my friend, Amber, for braiding Emily’s hair and making sure she looked cute!

Here is a clip of Emily’s group singing their song. They did SO good!

Hope your Friday is great. My goal today is to get the deck completely power washed so we can get ready to stain it.

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