Monthly Goals

April Monthly Goals

Hi, friends!  It’s Thursday!  We had a great first day back to school from Spring Break yesterday!

Before I share my monthly goals for April, I want to recap my March goals.  Here they were:

  • Make it through volleyball season.  (Not in a bad way at all, because I LOVE coaching volleyball, but seriously..I hope I can just keep up with teaching, coaching, Chris coaching, going to college, being a wife/mom, etc..)   Almost done!  Tonight is our last regular season game, and Saturday starts our county tournament and then we will finish up next Monday/Tuesday.  It’s been a great season.  It was fast and furious and FUN!
  • Clean out both girl’s closets and see what they need for spring DONE!  I went through both girls’ closets and drawers.  Just from Emily’s room, I got two giant black trash bags full of donation stuff and one bag full of TRASH!  (She is a hoarder).  Both girls need quite a bit for spring/summer because they are outgrowing everything!
  • Enjoy Easter Break! My sister and I have a fun trip planned with the kids that I am so excited about!  We had an absolute blast in Branson this past weekend.  Read all about our fun here.

Now, onto my April goals:

  • Clean out the hall closet- it’s seriously overflowing and a disaster!
  • Read at least two books- I will finally have some more downtime to read and want to get back into this routine.
  • Get my porch swing moved to the back deck- Currently, my porch swing is on our front porch and I never sit on it because it looks right into our neighbor’s house!  I want to move my porch swing to the back deck so I would sit out there more and enjoy the peace and quiet.   (no neighbors that way)
  • Have some friends over for a fish fry- We need to get rid of all of our fish from last summer and have been wanting to have some friends over, so this is a perfect reason!
  • Get chapters 2 & 3 done in my research paper- Final paper isn’t due until May 7th, but I want to get it done this month so I don’t have to worry about it next month!

We have a lot of exciting things happening in April, so I hope I can get all of these goals accomplished.  Do you set goals for yourself?  I truly believe setting goals helps me stay more focused on a plan of action, and then those plans become a reality!

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Yay for so much goal achieving and I love your goals for this month. It will be so nice to get that paper off your to do list!!! xoxo ERIN

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