Branson Weekend Getaway

Happy Tuesday! Today is our last day of Spring Break and I am so thankful for these few days off! It was a much-needed break from the crazy school routine.

Today I wanted to share with you our weekend trip my sister, mom, and I went on with the kids.

Thursday night after my volleyball practice we headed to Springfield, MO. We were originally going to leave early Friday morning but decided to go up late Thursday night so we didn’t have to drive the 4 hours on Friday and could enjoy more of the day.

I drove and my car was loaded down, but that’s the best way to travel! Granny got stuck in the back with the kids but I don’t think she minded!

Friday morning we made the 30-minute drive to Branson and made it to Silver Dollar City just a few minutes after they opened. It was a BEAUTIFUL day full of sunshine.

It was crowded and lots of people everywhere, but we expected that since it was Good Friday.

We stayed until the park closed at 6:00. We rode almost every ride, ate way too much food, and laughed a lot. It definitely was a good Friday!

Granny with all her grandkids.  Tyler (13), Liz (11), Emily (9), and Zach (9).
This was a wonderful blessing!  With Zach and Liz’s diabetes, we were able to get a disabled pass so they wouldn’t have to wait in lines and risk getting a low blood sugar and have to leave the line.  We were able to go up to the disabled entrance, they would write down a time for us to come back at (whatever the wait time was), we could go walk around or check out another ride, come back at the specified time and get right on the ride.  It was GREAT!
The Flooded Mine
Popcorn Break

Love their faces here!

Beautiful country
Julie and Tyler on the third row back on the end- The WIldfire Ride

The girls checking on Aunt Julie after she got off that ride
Dippin’ Dot Break

Love my sister!

Lost River Ride- they got drenched!

Tyler and I fixing to ride the Barn Swing

My sister and me with all our kids in the famous rocking chair at SDC

Such a cool indoor play place.  Loved watching the kids be kids and have fun!
Liz looks like she’s guilty of hitting someone with the cannon

Zach, Liz, and Emily are on there somewhere

My girls are so fun to travel with!  I am blessed to be their momma

After Silver Dollar City we ate a nice supper at Pasghettis. It was wonderful!

We ended the night with swimming. The kids were worn out by the time we made it to our hotel room and slept like a rock that night!

Saturday morning we left the hotel and went shopping for the day. My sister had to be back that evening for an Easter dinner so we shopped, went to Bass Pro, ate Chick-Fil-A, then headed home.

70% off in the Vera Bradley outlet store!  We went a little crazy….

Our car was a lot fuller on the way home!  Where’s Liz?

So thankful for the weekend with my mom, nephews, and sister! We are already talking about when we can go somewhere again.

Have a great Tuesday! I’ll be back tomorrow sharing all about our Easter with you.


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  1. Great pictures! It looks like you guys had the best time! I would have never known about the option to get a pass for diabetes; so good to know!!!!!

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