Easter 2018

It’s Wednesday and our first day back to school since last Thursday! Only 32.5 more days of school, we can do it!!

Recapping all about our Easter with you today.

It was a blessed day, but it was also a hard day for me if I’m being honest.

All of these “firsts” without my dad are hard. During the church service I couldn’t stop thinking about previous Easters and how he always loved this day. He loved seeing his grandkids dressed up and loved celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

I know he had a wonderful Easter in Heaven and I’m comforted in knowing that.

Saturday night we made it back to Dexter in time to dye Easter eggs. You are never too old to dye Easter eggs! We tried the shaving cream and food coloring technique. It was fun, messy, and something different, but I doubt we would do it again. The eggs didn’t hold the colors as well as we were hoping. It was still a fun evening together.

Sunday morning the girls found what the Easter Bunny left them, but we were running late and I didn’t get any pics of the girls with their things.

Our annual Easter pics were inside since it was only 39 degrees outside and freezing! And yes, we froze to death in our Easter dresses, but I didn’t have a back up plan so we just rolled with it.

We went to Doniphan right after church and headed to my Nini’s house. It was also her 76th birthday that day so we were able to celebrate her after our Easter lunch. My Nini does so much for us all and I’m blessed she’s mine!

We made a quick stop to my Aunt Debbie’s house before heading back to Dexter. It was good to see some of my dad’s family and we got a picture with my Grandma and Grandad Helms.

We had a blessed day together. We came back and watched Star Wars together and relaxed. Chris’s parents were going to come over but we didn’t get back until later and they had to get up early the next day and it was storming really bad so they decided to stay home.

Hope you and your family had a great Easter together. I’m so thankful for the cross and God’s resurrection power in my life!


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