Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends! What a wonderful sunshine-filled weekend!

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Friday night I had practice with my MS girls and then went to Liz’s volleyball game at Bell City.

They got another win and played great together! (These pics are from first game)

After we made it back to Dexter, Coach Christian and I went and crashed our 8th grade volleyball girls’ sleepover.

When we got there and were walking in they were hiding in the back of a truck and jumped out and scared us to death!

We ate pizza and ice cream and then played Catchphrase together. It was a wonderful night seeing the girls bonding and having fun! I am thankful to be their teacher and coach! They (and the 7th graders) are a great group of girls! P. S. Our first game is tonight, so wish us luck!

Saturday was a day full of random things. I told myself I was going to get my homework done, but that didn’t happen.

Emily and I ran to the bank to exchange all her quarters she’s been collecting for dollars.

I cleaned house, got groceries, did all the laundry, and went and got my nails done.

When Chris got home for working at Teen Challenge we all went up to the MS and played volleyball together. Liz has been working on her overhand serve and Emily just likes running around and playing.

We ended our Saturday with some great friends coming over for pizza and games. Notice how all the kids gravitate towards Chris.

Sunday Liz and I got up early and headed to Cape for another cheer competition. We went early so we could shop a little before we had to be there.

We made it to the competition and had a great day! Our girls did amazing and ended with a 1st place finish! I was so proud of all of them. They are fun to watch!

We shopped some more afterwards and then headed back home. The girls got bored in Academy and practiced their volleyball skills.

Chris and I enjoyed our Sunday evening together watching a special about Billy Graham. What a great man of God!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!


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