Monthly Goals

March Monthly Goals

Happy Wednesday!  This week is off to a great start, our MS girls both got wins on Monday night and Elizabeth’s team won last night also!

Today I wanted to share my monthly goals.  I love setting goals each month because it helps keep me accountable!

Let’s recap February goals:

  • Clean out the junk drawer– I was happy to get this crossed off my list!  Here is a picture of before and after.

  • Go on a date with Chris– We were able to sneak away one Wednesday night while the girls were at church and enjoy Mexican together.  I still want to go on an “official” date without being rushed, but was thankful for the one on one time with him.
  • Go on a one on one date with each girl- I didn’t get this goal accomplished.  I did have one on one time with each girl, but we didn’t do anything special because of time restraints, so I want to make sure I take them on a special “date” soon.
  • Bless a family with supper one evening- I didn’t get this goal accomplished, either.  I could barely keep up with cooking dinner for my own family because of volleyball, so this will have to be a goal when things slow down for me.
  • Run/walk 50 miles this month- Didn’t happen.  NO WAY!  I was very active with coaching volleyball and walked a few days when it was pretty out, but didn’t get my goal of 50 miles in.
  • Order the girls’ Easter dresses Yes, and no.  I ordered some, and then didn’t like them and changed my mind, so canceled my order.  This weekend I hope to let both girls pick their own dresses out.  Hopefully they find something they like!

I feel bad I didn’t meet half of my goals, but that’s okay!  There is always another month.

March is SUPER busy!  Out of the 20 week days, we have 17 volleyball games between the MS team and Liz’s team.

Here are my goals for this month:

  • Make it through volleyball season.  (Not in a bad way at all, because I LOVE coaching volleyball, but seriously..I hope I can just keep up with teaching, coaching, Chris coaching, going to college, being a wife/mom, etc..)
  • Clean out both girl’s closets and see what they need for spring
  • Enjoy Easter Break! My sister and I have a fun trip planned with the kids that I am so excited about!

Not very many goals this month, but I am realistic and know this month will be crazy!

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. I finally found your blog! I think you did great, February is always such a tough month. Having the girls pick out their own dresses sounds like a great idea! Have fun shopping.

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