This and That

This and That

Happy Friday, friends!  I haven’t blogged ALL week!  Time is really getting away from me as I am trying to fit in everything before summer is over.

Today I just have a random post about this and that.  So many things on my mind lately or happening in our household.  We only have one more week of freedom before we are back to school!  We plan to enjoy every minute of it.

What’s been happening lately:

1.  One of the girls (you can probably guess which one <not the oldest>) spilled slime ALL over her carpet!  I found it as I was deep cleaning the house the other night.  To make matters worse to “hide” it, she put her Pottery Barn beanbag chair over it!  Therefore, potentially ruining the carpet and her new beanbag chair from Christmas!  It was a good thing the girls weren’t home with me at the time, because I was a tad bit angry..

Thankfully, it came right up with vinegar!  Who knew?!?!? Pinterest is a lifesaver!    Her punishment was a little less severe since her beanbag washed clean and the carpet looks as good as new…but we had a great lesson on not hiding things when you mess up.

2.  Chris and I registered the girls for the new school year yesterday!  I can’t believe they will be in 5th and 6th grade!  They are both happy with their schedules and teachers and I know they will have a great year!

3.  I had to go to work all day on Wednesday for a Google Training.  It was challenging getting up and around and dressing in real clothes, but I did it!  We  are going 1:1 in our school this year so we learned a lot of great information about our Chromebooks we are getting.

4.  My heart has been heavy for a few of my friends going through some really hard times lately.  They’ve been on my mind constantly and many prayers have been said for them.

5.  The other day I had to go to the doctor and they were asking about my medical history and all that fun stuff.  They were asking about my parent’s health also and said I assume your parents are still living…and I had to say, “No, actually my dad passed away last year.”  It made me tear up a little and the lady felt bad for asking me that, but it’s part of life.  I have been missing my dad a little more lately for some reason.  He always loved summer time and the river.

6.  Chris’s mom goes for another scan down at MD Anderson soon.  She is feeling good and handling the chemo treatments well! Such a God thing!  We pray continuously that her scan will show the cancer is responding well to her chemo treatments and that it hasn’t spread any.

7.  I have been working in my classroom some during the evenings to get it ready for the new school year.  I plan to do a blog post soon about my new classroom, but here is a sneak peek of one of my bulletin boards.

8.  I realized during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that I am a cheap person and okay with that.  A few bloggers I follow talked constantly about it for a week straight and when I looked at the price tag of one dress that was $298 I about had a heart-attack!  If that’s your jam, great!  But I would rather buy the $20 dress at Target and spend the other money going on a trip or on the girls. I’m glad the sale is over!

9.  The state of Missouri had a horrible accident near Branson, MO on TableRock Lake last week.  It is about 4 hours away from me here in Southeast Missouri, but still was on national news.  One of the Ride The Ducks boats sank with 31 passengers on board.  A severe storm popped up while they were on the water and they just couldn’t escape the waves.  17 people lost their lives that day.  It made me so sad to think that these people were on vacation with their families and went on a fun tour and won’t ever return home.  It also made me thankful that God promises hope beyond this life!  I pray everyone is ready at all times for life in Heaven after the grave!

10.  I am headed to Cape today for a massage and mani/pedi.  Yay!!!!! Then, my mom is keeping the girls tonight at her house.  Can you tell my excitement from the screen!?!?!?  Because it’s very high! HA

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I feel like this month has flown by, and I just haven’t been able to keep up with any of it! I love your bulletin board..super cute. Enjoy these last couple of days/weeks before y’all head back!

  2. I am right there with you on the Nordstrom sale situation. I can’t justify that kind of cost! Half of those dresses are half my family’s grocery budget for the month!

  3. Gah! How exciting that you get some ALONE mama time! Yay! That will be great before school starts. Can’t wait to see more of your classroom; I love the bulletin board.

  4. What a super cute bulletin board! I cannot wait to see your classroom! I would be the same way about the slime…my kids have done that before. Still praying for your family! Happy Friday Mama!

  5. I agree on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I asked for a new pair of shoes for my birthday and my mom got the kids a few things for back to school but I didn’t buy a thing. Target and the sales rack are my jam :). The duck boat accident is so sad :(. I love love love love your new bulletin board. So cute!

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