Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hello, friends!  Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am finally able to recap our fun weekend we had.

Friday night right after school we headed to St. Louis for the weekend.

I only took one picture that whole night and it was of Emily swimming in the hotel pool.  That was the best part of the trip for her!

While the girls swam, all the moms chatted and that’s the best part of the trip for me too!


Saturday morning we were able to sleep in and enjoy the hotel breakfast together.


Then it was time to get Liz ready for her cheer competition.  I seriously want Chris to record us one time just so everyone can see how JOYOUS it is to get her ready.  {NOT}  She is so tender headed, so braiding her hair upside down into a high ponytail is sometimes difficult.  And don’t even get me started on the make-up!  We survived the morning together and she looked beautiful!

When we arrived at the convention center, Liz had to go with her cheer group and get warmed up.


One of Elizabeth’s classmates was there because his older sister is on the team, so we took a group picture of him with all the 5th grade girls.  It was too sweet not to share!  Korbin was one lucky guy.


It was finally competition time!


During the competition at the very beginning, Elizabeth was BAWLING!  I was so confused?!?!  I wondered if she was sick or if she got hurt and I just didn’t see it or what?!?!  The next time I saw her go up in the following stunt though, she was fine!  Smiling, happy, and great.  I thought maybe just her nerves had made her nervous at the beginning?!?!

Well, when the routine was over, Elizabeth sprinted off the floor holding her face.  I knew something was wrong.

This is what she looked like when I saw her:


She had taken an elbow to the face on the very first part of the routine.  It made her vision a little blurry is why she was crying, but then she was a trooper and kept on going.  She never missed a beat and I was so proud of her!

We got her an ice pack and let her sit for a while watching the other performances.  One of her good friends also got kicked in the face, so I took this picture of them with their ice packs.  If anyone says cheer isn’t tough, they are wrong!


Their cheer team ended up getting first place!!!  Whoo-hooo!  So the bruised eye was worth it.  🙂  I was super proud of all the girls!


We headed out of the city and went back to Dexter after a long day of cheer!  We had a gorgeous view of the Arch as we were leaving downtown St. Louis.


Sunday we all slept in and rested from a busy weekend.  I cleaned house and got everything ready for my family coming over.  Liz’s eye looked a lot better when she woke up.  The swelling was down, but it was a nice purple and red color right under her eye.

We had my family over to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday together. Chris’s parents were out of town for one last trip before she starts her chemo this week, so we ate supper with them last night on Liz’s actual birthday.

It was such a fun afternoon/evening together.  Liz is a very loved little girl and got lots of goodies for her birthday.


Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!



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