Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-yay!  SOOO glad to see this day here.  This week has been long, but wonderful.  After today we are officially on Christmas break and I’m so excited!

Today I am linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea to share with you my Friday Favorites.


Both girls were inducted into Jr. Beta at their school this week.  I was proud of them both for being selected to be in this club.  It is an honor!


IMG_0120IMG_0121 (1)IMG_0126


I got my hair done this week!  That is always a favorite.



I won a Starbucks gift card from my dear friend, Erin, at Perfectly Port family.   We plan to use it for our Jammy Cocoa Christmas night coming up next week.  Thanks, Erin!  I love our tribe.



Tuesday we got to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday with Chris’s mom and dad.  My MIL started her chemo that day, so we went to their house so they could see the girls.  I am so thankful for all the prayers for my MIL.  She did really well with her first round of chemo.  She will have three more rounds before she goes back down to Houston for a scan.  Pray the chemo works and shrinks all those tumors!

Anyways, this picture is my absolute favorite of the night!  I thought it was so good of all of them.



I took off work on Wednesday and chaperoned Elizabeth’s choir trip.  The Songmakers went to the Cape Mall and sang five songs, and then we were able to shop the rest of the day.  I was in charge of 3 girls but stayed with another mom so we combined our groups.  We had 6 girls total and had a great day together!  The Songmakers did an excellent job singing!  I was proud of them all!

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IMG_0160 (1)IMG_0164 (2)IMG_0165


The song, I Can Only Imagine, has always been one of my favorites.  Especially lately since dad passed away, it gets me through some hard times.  Well, one night I was having a really difficult time because I accidentally addressed the Christmas card to my mom as Granny and Papa Tim out of habit.  And then when I was helping Elizabeth put her birthday cards away, I saw the one signed just from my mom.  No more Granny and Papa Tim, it’s just Granny.  Not sure why little things like that bother me, but it really made me miss my dad so much.  Later that evening Chris showed me the new movie trailer that goes along with this song.

Watching that movie trailer helped me realize that dad is so much better off and I can only imagine the fun he is having up in heaven.  It’s still hard and I have my moments where I miss him so bad it hurts.  I encourage you all to watch the movie trailer for this song here.  I can’t wait for it to come to theaters!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


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  1. I got to see a screening of the movie last month when I went to a youth conference in Memphis. I will tell you the movie does not disappoint, especially since the song already has so much meaning to you! I can’t wait to watch it again!

  2. That song I can Only Imagine is one of my favorites with such a powerful message. Yay for hair day and I am so glad for our tribe, amen!!! Enjoy your jammy cocoa Christmas and get something delicious 🙂 xoxo ERIN

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