Year in Review

2020 Year In Review

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are doing well. It’s been hard to get back into the swing of things since Christmas break!

Our community lost a High School student in a tragic car accident this weekend, so it’s been a solemn week so far dealing with that. The boy that passed had a younger brother who is in the grade I teach, and my heart just hurts for this family.

Definitely a reminder of how fleeting this life is and to enjoy every minute you are given!

Today, I am finally sharing our year in review with y’all. I always love putting this post together and recapping our year.


  • Emily played a lot of travel basketball
  • Elizabeth played a lot of travel volleyball
  • Both girls went to our church’s DNOW weekend and loved every minute of it
  • I was the proud new owner of a mini van, after totaling my SUV back in December.


  • Chris was able to pick up his brand new boat he ordered and was like a little kid with his excitement level!
  • Both girls attended their MS Winter Dance (Emily’s first) and looked gorgeous as ever!
  • Chris and I went away for the weekend for Valentine’s Day while my mom stayed here with the girls
  • Elizabeth made the Middle School volleyball team
  • Emily started her volleyball season with the County League


  • The girls were both able to play 2 volleyball games before our world shut down on March 17 due to COVID
  • We were able to enjoy many adventures together while being on lock down and enjoyed the fresh air


  • Still stuck at home, but made the most of it with a lot of river trips
  • Celebrated Easter together at home
  • Did a lot of organizing and decorating at the house, including this cute Scrabble wall with our names


  • Celebrated Mother’s Day with a small get together at my Aunt’s House- this was the first time I had really seen my family since March
  • Bought a couch for outside our master bedroom door and we all spent tons of time outside on it together
  • Opened the pool and had lots of pool days
  • Celebrated Emily Grace turning 12
  • Bought a golf cart for the girls and it was the best purchase ever for the summer and being stuck at home so much


  • Remembered my dad on the anniversary of his death by getting together with family and visiting his grave
  • Celebrated Chris turning 37!
  • Chris and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary with a day date to my favorite adventure place, Alley Spring
  • June 14 marked 1 year of losing Chris’s mom to colon cancer
  • Things started opening back up, so we made a quick trip down to FL since our cruise was canceled


  • Celebrated 4th of July
  • Enjoyed lots of river days with family and friends
  • Chris caught a giant smallmouth bass and it’s all he talked about for days and days HA


  • Stayed in a cabin on Current River for a few days
  • Had our Annual Back to School Bash
  • First day of school; so thankful we were able to go face to face!
  • I turned 36! I share a birthday with my mom and she turned 57


  • Both girls made the MS Cheer team and cheered at football games
  • We had family pictures done that were long overdue
  • We had our first annual girls only weekend with my side of the family and stayed in a cabin on Current River


  • Made our own fire pit in our backyard and had lots of bonfires
  • Went to lots of haunted houses
  • The girls brought a stray dog home on the golf cart and he became a permanent member of our family~ Ripley Reed Bolin
  • Celebrated Halloween


  • I took and passed my Principal’s test and am now officially certified to be a principal!
  • I was positive for COVID on November 9 and my whole family was quarantined for 2 weeks. I am so thankful I only had mild symptoms and felt fine the whole time I had it!
  • Was out of quarantine just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with family
  • The girls ended their MS cheer season


  • Celebrated Lizzie turning 14!
  • Survived our first semester of the school year and was so thankful we were always able to stay in person during the COVID pandemic
  • Both girls had their first travel volleyball tournament
  • Celebrated Liz’s 3rd Diaversary with a nice dinner out with friends
  • Celebrated Christmas
  • Went on a quick trip to Branson with my sister and nephews
  • Rang in the New Year with friends

Lots of memories flooded back to me as I was making this post. It was a strange, weird year but it also had so many opportunities for quality family time!

So thankful for my family and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2021!

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  1. Such wonderful memories. I missed that part about y’all adopting a new dog. So sorry to hear about the accident of the high school student. Have a wonderful week!

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