Adventure Tuesday

Adventure Tuesday

Happy Thursday!

Today we are packing and doing all the things before we leave for Florida tomorrow! We can’t wait!

This week we didn’t have time to squeeze in a new adventure spot for our Adventure Tuesday, so we went to one of our favorite places~ Current River.

The only day we could do something this week was yesterday and that also happened to be Chris’s birthday. He got to pick what we did and we ended up at the river ALLLLL day!

It was a wonderful day together and the water felt great!

We started his birthday off with our famous numbered pancakes. Happy 35th to Chris!

We let him open his presents:

Then we loaded the boat and truck and made our way to Doniphan.

We stayed on the water for 6 hours and loved every minute of it!

Chris caught a HUGE small mouth bass and was a “little” excited!

Diabetes doesn’t ever stop, even at the river.

We stopped for snacks because Liz was fighting a stubborn low, swam, floated on our tubes some more, and I read a few chapters of my book.

River days are truly the best days!

I won’t be blogging while we are gone, but will be anxious to share all about our vacation when we get back.

Hope y’all have a great day!


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  1. What a fun day you guys had! Happy Birthday to Chris!
    And ENJOY your vacation!!!!!

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