Christmas 2017

Another Christmas has come and gone. Just like that!

We were so blessed this Christmas season. The biggest thing I was thankful for is that we were all home together. Having a hospital stay and a new diagnosis really put things into perspective for us this Christmas! I am so thankful for God sending his son, Jesus, to save us from our sin. That is the greatest gift of all!

After church on Christmas Eve we spent the afternoon and evening at Doniphan. This Christmas was just different. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Manu are in Germany visiting her family, so we missed them at Nini’s.

Also, this was the first Christmas without Dad. Man, was it hard. It’s the little things I missed about him. For instance, he was always our trash guy and would take his big ole’ hands and scoop up all the wrapping paper after the kids opened their presents. It makes it a little easier knowing that he was having the best Christmas ever in Heaven, though! Still hard……

My mom had a quilt made for both me and my sister out of dad’s old t-shirts. There were definitely tears shed when we opened them. I loved it! He was known for wearing his Christian t-shirts and fishing t-shirts. This is a gift I will treasure forever!

Christmas morning at our house was fun! The girls must’ve been good all year because Santa found them and delivered a new skateboard to Emily and volleyball net for Liz.

We then headed to Nana and Papa’s house. We had a great day of visiting with them and the girls were definitely spoiled rotten. Our meal was delicious and we came home thankful for our many blessings.

When the girls were playing down in the basement and after we had supper, Chris surprised me with a gift. <we usually don’t exchange gifts with each other>

He TOTALLY outdid himself! I cried tears of joy when I opened it! I lost the main diamond out of my wedding ring 2 years ago and was sick over it. I was then wearing my promise ring I got in high school and that diamond fell out! <I found that one thankfully> I had just been wearing my Nini’s old gold band for the past few months as a ring.

I had been hinting to him for well over a year that I would LOVE a new ring. If you know Chris, you know he joked and said he already bought one ring for me and wasn’t buying me another one.

I never really thought of getting one again with everything that’s been going on the past few weeks, but was pleasantly surprised when I opened it! I LOVE my new ring and love Christopher James even more.

Yes, this Christmas was hard. Yes, there were times when I cried non stop and didn’t think I would be able to enjoy any of it because of grief and missing my dad. But I have a peace that passes all understanding that helped me get through the day.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and have a blessed week!


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  1. Oh what a sweet Christmas for your Bolin bunch! Love the t-shirt quilts (how special), and Chris totally did well! 👏🏼 Nataleigh lost my first engagement ring, and & Joebswore he’d never buy another one…sweet softies! 🙂

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