Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday and Happy MLK, Jr. Day!  I’m bringing this weekend recap to you on a Monday since we are out of school today.  I was so thankful for an extra day off!  MLK, Jr. had so many good things he did and said, but I’m sharing my favorite quote from him.  I wish we would all live by it more!


Friday night Chris and I had a date night.  We dropped the girls off at my in law’s house around 5:00 and had the rest of the night to ourselves!  We went and ate Mexican together and then rented a movie to watch.  We rented The Choice and Gone Girl.  We decided to watch Gone Girl because I had never watched the whole movie through.  I had read the book, but knew the movie was a little different.  It was such a great movie and it was neat that it was filmed really close to our town!  It had a few scenes in it that I could’ve done without, but the story line was good and it made you think.

While Chris and I were watching our movie, Elizabeth texted me this picture:


The girls had talked Nana and Papa into taking them to Wal-Mart and they somehow came out with new toys.  Emily got a new Hatchimal so her other Hatchimal could have a brother and Elizabeth picked out new stationary and pens.  She has a slight obsession with pens and sharpies like her momma!  My girls are blessed with wonderful grandparents that spoil them rotten.

The girls spent the night with James and Lequeeta because I had an 8:00 meeting at Bloomfield Saturday morning.  It was a coaches meeting for all the Stoddard County volleyball teams to meet and schedule games and tournaments.  This is my first year coaching a traveling team so I am learning as I am going.  My friend, Ginger, is coaching a 6th grade team so she has been showing me the ropes and helping me know what to do.  Saturday’s meeting went great and we got everything scheduled for the upcoming season.  My team is a 4th grade team and we will play against mostly 5th grade teams, but it will only make them better.  I am excited!


After the meeting, Ginger dropped me off at the house and I went and picked the girls up.  We then headed straight to the library to get our AR books for the week.


We went home and ate lunch.  While we were eating lunch Chris sent me a text with this picture:


It’s not a very good picture, but it’s of the house that Gone Girl was filmed in.  When we watched that movie Friday night we couldn’t believe that mostly everything was filmed right in Cape Girardeau, MO.  I laughed and thought it was funny that Chris had went and drove by the house and sent me a pic.

After lunch, I made my weekly menu and grocery list and went grocery shopping for the week.  I usually go shopping late Saturday evening but I knew we would be gone and wanted to go ahead and get it out of the way.


By the time I got home and put the groceries away, it was about 3:00 in the afternoon and Chris would be getting home from working at Teen Challenge soon.  I made the girls get showered and ready because we were heading to Doniphan for the evening.

When Chris got home we immediately left for Doniphan.  We went to my sister’s house and had a great evening together with them and my parents and Nini.  My mom made her famous burgers that I LOVE and then we played Mexican Train Dominoes together.  It was a great evening.  The kids played down in the basement the whole time and the adults got to visit and play games upstairs.  I’m so thankful for every chance I get to spend with my family.

Uncle Chris trying to help Zach set up a mini basketball goal
My mom making her yummy burgers


I totally dominated on this game, but the score card shows it a little weird.  Julie’s pen stopped working when she wrote her score of 158 and makes it look like she had 15!  I really won, I promise!  LOL
Chris and Matt sharing good stories

We didn’t get home from Doniphan until around 11:00 Saturday night, so we went straight to bed!

Sunday Chris got up really early and went hunting.  He accidentally turned my alarm clock off or we were really tired, but the girls and I overslept for church.  We ended up not waking up until like 10:00 that morning!

Sunday was definitely a day of rest in our house.  I almost read a whole book, the girls played in their rooms, and Chris was hunting.  We knew that afternoon/evening we would watch football, so Chris had asked me to make meatballs and sausage dip.  Elizabeth was a good helper in the kitchen.  My meatballs and sausage dip are favorites everywhere I take them!


At 3:30, our beloved Dallas Cowboys played the Green Bay Packers.  Chris’ dad came over and watched the first half of the game with him, but then Elizabeth and I ended up watching the second half of the football game with him.  At one point we were all 3 screaming at the television.  Emily was in the living room with us also but she was watching her iPad and thinks football is boring.  The Cowboys ended up losing by 3 points, but it was such a great game!

After the football game, I went back to reading my book and the girls and Chris had a bow and arrow fight throughout the house.  It was extremely LOUD, but they loved it!


This morning Chris and I woke up early and made a big breakfast for the girls.  We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, and biscuits.  It was yummy! Emily is the pancake maker at our house and actually does a good job with them.

After breakfast, I ran over to the Bluff and helped my mom take my dad to the doctor.  He had to get an ultrasound on his liver and also an echo cardiogram.  My dad’s health is going downhill fast and it’s so hard to watch him suffer.  If you have your health, be very thankful!!  He can’t hardly get out and go anymore because he is so unstable and his balance is all off.  At the doctor’s we were blessed with a wonderful ultrasound tech that took such great care of my dad.  He even helped us get a wheelchair and get him back into the car.

It was my dad’s choice on where he wanted to eat lunch at today and he chose Steak N’ Shake.  My sister met us there since she was working today and we had a nice lunch together.  At lunch, I was reminded that there are still good people in this world.  When we got into the restaurant they were on a long wait and the people at the front of the line let us go in their place because they could see we were having trouble with my dad standing up and waiting.  And then we had our whole meal paid for by an older man from Doniphan that my parents know really well.  It is simple acts of kindness like that that really made a big difference with our day.  I’m so grateful for caring people.

After lunch with my parents, I came back home to Dexter.  Our dryer bit the dust Friday morning, so Chris had ran over to Lowe’s at Sikeston and bought us a new one.  Our dryer has been giving us fits for the past 6 months, so we thought it was best to just replace it this time.  I am thankful we had the money in our budget to go over and get a new dryer.  Chris had it all set up and ready to go by the time I was home from PB.


While Chris went and got the dryer, the girls went to Nana’s house again.  They helped her make cookies and had a great time with her.


This evening we are getting things ready for a new week.  I am FINALLY able to do laundry after not having a dryer for a few days, and the girls have been playing with play-doh.


After supper, Chris is going to go play basketball with a few men that get together every Monday night, Liz is going to cheer practice, and Emily and I are going to go work up in my classroom for a while.  I can’t remember if I made my notes for this week’s lessons or not and want to double check.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday, even though it was a Monday!  Hope you have a blessed week.  As always, thanks for checking out my blog.


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