Liz’s 16th Birthday Party

I was able to pull off a surprise birthday party for Elizabeth this past weekend.

It actually ended up being a shared birthday party with 3 other people because they all turned 16 within a week and have been good buddies since Pre-K.

It made it easier on us moms to have it all together and the kids all had a blast!

It was a Friday night after a boys basketball game at the country club here in town.

We had cake, water, soda, an epic playlist and tons of fun!

The kids danced and hung out and enjoyed celebrating the birthday kids.

Happy Sweet 16 to Liz, Febe, Tucker, and Jackson! We were so thankful for all those that came out and celebrated with them!

We then went out to eat to Mexican with my family that next evening and celebrated her again.

Liz is definitely a loved kid! She passed her test with an 86 and is officially a legal driver.

I blinked and 16 years went by but I’m so proud of the young lady Liz is!

Have a great Thursday!

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