40 Odd Things

I’ve seen this questionnaire thing going around FB and thought it’d be fun to fill out and share with y’all!

Ok 40 odd things about me:

  1. Do you put ketchup on hot dogs ? Yes
  2. Choice of soda? Coke Zero
  3. Do you put salt on your watermelon? I hate watermelon
  4. Can you swim? Yes
  5. Hot dogs or burgers? Burgers
  6. Favorite type of food? American
  7. What do you drink in the morning? Water
  8. Can you do 100 push ups? No way!
  9. Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall? Spring
  10. Your favorite Pet? Our dog, Happy
  11. Tattoos? 2
  12. Do you wear glasses? Yes (contacts usually)
  13. Do you have a phobia? Not really
  14. Do you have a nickname? Jenny Mae
  15. Three favorite animals? Dog, Giraffe, Dolphin
  16. Biggest downfall? Don’t voice my opinion enough
  17. Rain or Snow? Snow
  18. Can you change a tire? Yes!
  19. Favorite flower? Daisy
  20. Can you drive a stick? Nope
  21. Ever gone sky diving? No
  22. Kids? 2
  23. Favorite color? Purple
  24. Favorite movie? Sweet Home Alabama
  25. Can you whistle? Not at all
  26. Where were you born? Doniphan, Mo
  27. Siblings? 1 older sister, Julie
  28. Surgeries? Tonsils out, cyst removed, wisdom teeth out
  29. Shower or bath? Shower
  30. Last song you heard? Graves Into Gardens
  31. Broken bones? Yes, my arm in 7th grade
  32. How many TV’s in your home? 6
  33. Worst pain? Childbirth
  34. Do you like to sing? Yes, but I’m not very good at it!
  35. Are your parents still alive? My mom
  36. Do you like camping? Yes
  37. What did you last binge watch? All American
  38. Pumpkin or pecan pie? Neither
  39. Farthest you’ve traveled? California
  40. A photo of yourself

Hope y’all have a fabulous Thursday!

8 thoughts on “40 Odd Things

  1. Ahhh… we share the same favorite movie! I don’t like pumpkin or pecan pie either. Yay to camping… wouldn’t that be fun if we could someday meet and family camp together?!

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