Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

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How is the weekend over already?  Emily told me tonight while we were studying multiplication facts that school was really messing up her Christmas spirit.  She said she couldn’t concentrate on spreading Christmas cheer when she had to concentrate on reading and learning math!!! She is a hoot!  You can tell we are definitely counting down the days until Christmas break at our house.

Friday night I was a complete failure at taking pictures with my phone.  Chris had a doctor’s appointment at Cape that day, so he stayed up there and hunted that evening.  After school it was just me and the girls.  They were allowed to play on their iPads for a while and I did some more Christmas shopping online.  Chris got home around 6:00 and I left as soon as he got home.  It was one of those hi, bye situations where we only saw each other in passing.  I had plans that evening to go out with a few of my girlfriends and I was supposed to be there at 6:00!

Cassie and I went over to Shelby’s house and enjoyed an evening together.  We ate pizza and brownies and played cards all night!  It was a great time together.  I truly believe to keep my sanity I have to have some girl time where I can just be myself.  Not mom, not wife, not teacher, nothing!!  I am so thankful for all of my girlfriends.  Since I forgot to take a picture that night, I am posting an old one of us 3 together.

Saturday when the girls got up, they had a surprise waiting for them from Sparkle, their elf!  A week ago Emily asked Sparkle if she had a boyfriend and then Sparkle responded that she did have a boyfriend and we would meet him soon.  Well, Saturday morning we got to meet him!  The girls’ reaction was priceless and one I will remember forever.  I love the Christmas magic!


After we got ready, the girls and I headed to Cape for another full day of Christmas shopping.  I really don’t like shopping that much, but have found myself shopping almost every weekend lately.  Our goal this week was to find dresses for a Christmas party we have.  Now that my girls are older, they insist on picking out their own clothes.  I miss the days where they would let me dress them and pick everything out for them.  Their styles are very “unique” and they are getting to be so grown up looking.  As we were shopping I always went towards the poofy, fancy looking dresses.  They would both roll their eyes at me and say no way!  They ended up finding a dress they liked and that I approved of.  After dresses, we also had to get shoes and tights and sweaters, so it was a big ordeal.  The girls were in pretty good moods and even asked to go to Petco and Target on their own.  We met Chris and Nana and Papa for lunch at Culvers in between all of the shopping.


After we shopped we headed to Creative Ewe Pottery in Cape.  We have been there before and the girls asked to paint something special for Nana and Papa Bolin for Christmas.  Emily was in charge of painting something for Nana and Elizabeth had Papa’s gift she was in charge of.  {Nana, if you are reading this, act surprised when you get your gift!}  Emily chose to paint a teapot for Nana because she collects them and Liz painted a cross for Papa to hang in his office at Teen Challenge!

The girls did a great job painting and I highly recommend Creative Ewe .  It is such a neat little place and very reasonably priced!  I know Nana and Papa will love what the girls painted for them.  We have to go back next week to pick our pieces up and  I can’t wait to see how they turned out.


This is where I was really bad at taking pictures again.  The girls ended up going back to Dexter with Nana and Papa and Chris and I were able to spend the evening together.  We shopped some more, got everything for Elizabeth’s birthday party coming up this next week, and went out to eat together.  I am so thankful for time alone with Chris.  He truly is my best friend.

We were in separate vehicles, so Chris went and picked the girls up from his mom and dad’s house for me when he got back to Dexter and I went to Wal-Mart.

I first went home and made my menu out for the upcoming week.  I have been doing SO good on cooking and making dinner every night.  I have cooked for the past 3 weeks every night except for Saturdays.  My girls are doing better at trying new things and have learned that they both like roast and turkey.  My routine is every Saturday night to meal plan and make my grocery list and then go to Wal-Mart after putting the girls to bed.  It does take about 2 hours of my evening by the time I look up recipes, make a menu, go shopping and put everything up, but it is worth it!


Sunday was church, followed by a big lunch together as a family.  Then I graded papers from the week and put those in the grade book.


Afterwards, I did a little laundry and cleaned up the house before Liz and I had to head to her volleyball practice.  I am coaching her 4th Grade Stoddard County traveling team and tonight was our first practice.  This is just a local team to help get their feet wet and practice the fundamentals of volleyball.  I’m excited to work with the girls and hopefully see them improve in their skills.

This evening is our normal routine to get ready for the upcoming week!  It is going to be a crazy one with me having bus duty, a Christmas party, an adoption party, foster classes, and celebrating a special girl turning 10!

Enjoy our #selfieSunday and have a blessed week!

As always, thanks for reading my blog.




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