Cousin Sunday Funday

Good morning! Happy Wednesday. I think Emily is finally on the mend. She hasn’t thrown up since yesterday before noon and was able to keep some toast down. Now I just pray no one else gets it!

Sunday my sister and I loaded our kids in the car and headed to St. Louis for the day.

My nephews were selected to be in a clinical trial for juvenile diabetes on Monday, so the girls and I tagged along to make it a fun road trip.

Our first stop was at Dave and Buster’s. We’ve been to Incredible Pizza before but never a Dave and Buster’s. We ate lunch first and I was surprised their food was really good. Then, we bought each kid 100 chips and it took them about an hour to use all their chips up and play the games. It was a successful first stop!

Our next stop was to the St. Louis Zoo. It had been a while since the kids had been there and they loved seeing all the animals. We were afraid a lot of the animals might not be out because of how cold it was, but we saw everything but the giraffes and flamingos.

The zoo closed at 4:00 that day, but we took our time getting out of there and stayed until about 4:30. As we were leaving they were turning on all their lights for the WildLights show that evening. We were going to come back for it, but we honestly saw the bulk of everything as we were leaving and the kids were DONE walking so we decided to just call it good for our zoo trip and not go back. The lights were so beautiful and I bet even prettier at night time!

Our last stop was to eat dinner at Fitz’s. I have always wanted to eat here and it’s rated #17 of top restaurants in St. Louis.

We got to watch them bottle all the Fitz’s soda and it was a really neat process! The food was excellent and the floats were even better! We were all definitely on a sugar high after we left.

We tried to go to Tilles Park to look at their Christmas lights, but the line to get in was at least a mile long and the kids were so tired. We just went back and crashed at the hotel.

Monday my sister and the boys headed to Children’s Hospital for their tests and Chris came and picked the girls and I up so we could get back to Dexter in time for Liz’s cheer party.

The girls slept all the way home in daddy’s truck. A sign of an exhausting, yet wonderful Cousin Sunday Funday!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Only 5 more days until Christmas! Eeekkk


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