Type 1 Diabetes

2 Year Diaversary

Today is Liz’s two year diaversary!

A diaversary is what people with diabetes call it when they acknowledge the day of their diagnosis on a yearly basis.

We don’t celebrate this awful disease, but we celebrate the strength and courage Elizabeth has had this year fighting against diabetes!

Two years ago Liz’s world was rocked with a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes Diagnosis.

December 20 is a day that will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.

For me, it’s hard to remember her life without diabetes.  But yet at the same time, I remember her diagnosis day like it was yesterday.

Diabetes is often called the unseen illness.

On the “outside” Liz looks completely normal.

However, people don’t realize that EVERY single day Liz is fighting a battle.

She’s constantly thinking about her blood sugar.

She probably just got a shot and it hurt and bled, but you’d never know that because she has a smile on her face and won’t let the pain show.

The biggest thing I hate about diabetes is when Liz looks at me in anguish. It’s not very often, but I know sometimes she gets tired of the constant battle she deals with.

I know there are some days where she doesn’t want to think about what she’s eating, what her sugar is, if her Dexcom is working right, etc.

Liz is a true warrior. We are so proud of her! She has truly handled what life has thrown her with dignity and grace.

She knows this is her reality and does such a great job taking care of herself.

I pray Elizabeth will continue to kick diabetes’ butt and not let it slow her down.

In honor of her diaversary, we have a fun weekend planned for her and I can’t wait!

Hope your weekend is great.


6 thoughts on “2 Year Diaversary

  1. She does seem like she is always smiling! I’m sure it’s not easy but she certainly does have a great attitude that shines through.

  2. I hate that she has ended up with this awful disease. She handles it amazingly while being so young too. You guys are doing a great job with it, Jen! It’s not easy! Love you!

  3. Elizabeth is truly an inspiration to me. She has handled that horrible disease with a smile and a positive attitude. I hope you all have a great weekend that honors her strength and fight against T1D.

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