Bahamas Cruise~ Part 1


I’m finally back from vacation and can’t wait to start blogging normally again!

Settle in to read part 1 of our Gilmore Girls cruise and be prepared for picture overload.

We were on the road and ready to go early Friday morning!  Our port was at Jacksonville, FL, which is about a 12.5 hour drive from my house.

We had an easy drive down there and had fun eating our snacks and talking!

I even rebelled at one gas station and didn’t take my hoodie off like the sign said! (It was a pretty rough gas station where we made a stop at and I guess theft is a problem).

We made it to Lake City, FL that night and only had an hour drive Saturday morning to make it to our ship.

We arrived at port around 11:00 a.m. Saturday and were so excited!!

Our ship was the Carnival Elation

Jacksonville was an excellent port and we got on the boat with no trouble at all. We ate lunch, went and put our things in our room and got ready for the Sail Away Party!

Houses in Jacksonville near the port.  People would sit outside and wave at us as we passed by.

My sister made our shirts- Gilmore Girls Cruise 2019 (My grandma’s last name is Gilmore/my mom’s maiden name)

Love my sister!

Our ship had to fit under this bridge to get out into the ocean. It was a tight squeeze, but it made it!

Sunday was a day at sea. I was worried that I would get sick and didn’t really know what to expect on a sea day.

However, you honestly couldn’t even tell you were on ship out in the middle of the ocean that day!

My sister and I laid out by the pool allllll day and I napped and read my book! Perfect idea of a vacation to me.

My momma joined us for a while!

Sunday night was formal night on the boat. We went back to our rooms around 3 and got ready for the evening.

We clean up well!

We tried to take pictures that evening while we were watching the sunset, but it was so windy and we weren’t very successful!

I loved watching the sunsets every night on the boat.  I’m always in awe of God’s creation!

And of course, we ended the evening with another ice cream cone! Why not?!?!

Well, that’s all I have time for today! I’ll be back tomorrow to share about our days on land in the Bahamas and Half Moon Cay.

Enjoy your Monday.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful start to a very fun vacation. I just love that idea that you got to go on vacation with all the “gals” in your family like this!!

  2. Sooo fun!!! The picture of the bridge you took in Jacksonville, we drove over it and it’s SO high!! I can’t wait to read more about your trip. How fun to have taken this trip!!

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