Halloween 2018

We had a great Halloween yesterday despite the rain!

I think it rained ALLLLL day long!

I had the cutest blue M&M and Supergirl around!

Liz and friends dressed up as different superheroes and looked so cute!

Emily and her good friend dressed up as M&M’s. She was so excited about her tutu!

After school we tried to trick or treat at a few places in town and successful made it to one stop.

The girls were just not into getting out in the rain and neither was I, so I didn’t mind to head back home!

I let both girls have a few friends over and our basement was full of laughing and fun all night long.

The rain held off for a little bit and the girls were able to make it to a few houses in our neighborhood. They ended the night with a pretty good stash of candy!

It wasn’t our “normal” Halloween, but we made the best of it.

I’m thankful for my girls who make every holiday fun to celebrate with.

P.S. My mom dressed up at her work yesterday. How cute is she!!?!?!

Hope you have a great Thursday!


10 thoughts on “Halloween 2018

  1. Your mama is so adorable! Your girls look so cute too! Even though it was rainy (I don’t blame you for not getting out of your car) it looks like you all had a fun night regardless!

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