Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Good morning, friends! Can you believe how fast the weekend went by?

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Friday after school the girls and I went up to Cape and watched the state volleyball pool play games. There was a lot of talent up there and we loved watching all the games.

Fun fact: A little town 20 minutes from our town WON state in their division! It was very well-deserved for them.

Saturday morning we were all lazy. It was so nice to sleep in and relax a little. I did get my good morning text from my favorite hunter who was in the deer woods.

I was productive and did a lot of homework for my Master’s Degree before lunch time.

That afternoon the girls and I met my mom, sister, and nephews at PB for the movies.

We went and watched The Nutcracker. As my nephew, Tyler, said, “it exceeded our expectations.” The beginning of the movie was a little slow, but overall it was a good movie!

After the movies, we went and ate dinner together.

My nephews ended up spending the night with us and my basement was full of laughter again. The girls love when they are able to be with their cousins!

Sunday was church and then we went to Doniphan to my Nini’s house for lunch. It is my uncle Jake’s birthday this Friday, so we all got together to celebrate him. Of course, it was a great afternoon!

Sunday evening Emily had basketball practice, Liz went to church with friends, and I graded papers. (Chris was still in the deer woods)

Sunday evening we got ready for the week and then watched football together. Packers vs. Patriots was an excellent game!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week! (Photo credit to Emily who cut half my face off)


11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. What a super fun weekend. I am thinking I am going to take the kids to the Nutcracker next weekend. I am glad to hear it was good. I love all the pictures from the weekend! I love the picture of Chris. Happy Monday!

  2. The weekend did go by fast! I was looking at the calendar this morning and can’t believe we are already on the fifth day of this new month!!

    Aren’t sleep-in Saturdays the best?!?! One of my favorite things about the weekends!!!

    Love that both our {bearded 🙂 } hubbies hunt! Has he gotten anything yet?

    So fun that you have family close by to spend time with. It looks like it was a great weekend! You look so beautiful in that picture at the party.

    1. Thank you! Chris hasn’t gotten anything yet. He only wanted to shoot a buck with his bow and didn’t see one worth shooting at. Rifle season opens up this weekend so hopefully he has good luck then!

  3. What a fun weekend … I actually just went to see “The Nutcracker” with my childhood bestie today … the cinema was EMPTY besides her and I and it was so much fun reminiscing about our childhood and going to see the Nutcracker in Downtown Chicago with our Mom’s when we were kiddos. Now, besides the reminiscing I’m not sure if I’d watch it again! lol!

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