St. Louis Fun

Happy Thursday, friends! Hope you are having a great week! I’ve really been sporadic with my blogging lately, but I’m enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

Yesterday, Liz had her check-up at Children’s Hospital with the endocrinologist and got a good report!

Her A1C was 7.8%, which is a little higher than our last check up and above where they want it at 7.5%. However, that’s still an EXCELLENT number for only living with T1D for 6 months!

The doctor said that for some diabetics it takes them years to get in the 7-8% range. We are so proud of Liz and how well she does managing her Type 1 Diabetes.

We decided to make it a fun day for the girls in St. Louis and go to a few cool places.

Our first stop was the St. Louis City Museum. This place is famous for their 10 story rooftop slide and Ferris wheel!

Emily begged to ride on the Ferris wheel, so I went with her and then she hated it! Lol

I don’t think she realized it was on the rooftop and then VERY high up! She was fine once we went around a few times but I kept telling her it was her idea to ride it! HA

The girls had a blast at the museum and could’ve spent a few more hours if we would’ve had the time. There were caves to explore and lots of different slides and tunnels to go through!

Our next stop was the St. Louis Arch. When people think of Missouri, this is usually what comes to their mind.

Going to the top of the Arch is a “little” scary, but once you get to the top, it’s so worth it!

It had been about 6 years since we’ve been to the top of the Arch and the girls only vaguely remembered it, so I was thankful for the chance to take them back!

We ended the evening with Mellow Mushroom and ice cream for dessert. Such a great combo!

I’m so grateful for every chance I get to spend with my family. Even if it’s for a doctor’s appointment for a chronic disease we all hate, I’m glad we can turn it into a fun day full of great memories!

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “St. Louis Fun

  1. That is great news about Liz’s levels. You are all handling this in stride. I love all the pictures. That Ferris Wheel picture and story is pretty funny!

      1. Wow … That is so soon, Jen. My friend is a teacher here in Central IL and she doesn’t go back until the middle of August. Did you guys get out for the summer really early in May?

        I really want to go to the City Museum … do you feel like its a kids only place or do adults go without kids?? Was your trip just a day trip or did you stay in STL?

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